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IBM Platform LSF

High performance workload management for demanding, distributed HPC environments

Is your workload manager delivering performance to meet your business needs? Efficient workload scheduling can help ensure that resources are effectively used, ultimately speeding time to market or time to solution. As a result, workload managers are expected to perform efficiently and remain responsive, even in the most demanding environments.

IBM Platform LSF accelerates technical computing, providing up to 150x greater throughput for faster time to result. You gain a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features that enable you to make the most of all your compute infrastructure resources and ensure optimal application performance.

A highly scalable and available architecture allows you to schedule complex workloads, and manage up to petaflop-scale resources.

Simplifying HPC to increase user productivity

Providing complete environments for science and engineering

IBM Platform LSF Suites provide the consistency, high performance and accurate results demanded in industries where time literally equals revenue won or lost. Scientists and researchers benefit from:

Delivering HPC in the Cloud

IBM High Performance Services provide a ready-to-run cluster in the cloud – complete with IBM Platform LSF workload management software, SoftLayer infrastructure, and the support of a dedicated cloud operations team.

Extending IBM Platform LSF with optional add-on software

The IBM Platform LSF family offers advanced tools designed to make HPC environments easier to use and manage, and to further optimize and improve performance.





IBM Platform Analytics

Is an advanced analysis and visualization tool for analyzing massive amounts of IBM Platform LSF and IBM Platform Symphony workload data. It enables you to correlate job, resource and license data from multiple clusters for data-driven decision-making.

IBM Platform Application Center

Provides a flexible, easy-to-use interface for cluster users and administrators. It enables users to interact with intuitive, self-documenting standardized interfaces.



IBM Platform Data Manager

Provides a management framework for the scheduling and movement of data within clusters, between clusters, and to and from the cloud. An intelligent cache and out-of-band data transfers accelerate time to solution and eliminate wasted compute cycles.

IBM Platform Dynamic Cluster

Turns static IBM Platform LSF clusters into dynamic, shared cloud infrastructure. By automatically changing the composition of clusters to meet ever-changing workload demands, service levels are improved and organizations can do more work with less infrastructure.

IBM Platform License Scheduler

enables license sharing between global project teams. It ensures that license availability is prioritized by workload, user and project, and that licenses are optimally used.

IBM Platform Process Manager

Simplifies the design and automation of complex computational processes by capturing and protecting repeatable best practices.

IBM Platform RTM

Is an operational dashboard for IBM Platform LSF environments that delivers comprehensive workload monitoring, reporting and management. Platform RTM provides a complete, integrated monitoring facility that is designed specifically for Platform LSF environments.

IBM Platform Session Scheduler

Is designed to work with IBM Platform LSF to provide high-throughput, low-latency scheduling in environments that run high-volumes of short-duration jobs, and where users require faster and more predictable job turnaround times.

Complementary Products

  • - IBM Spectrum Scale

    To get the best performance out of workload running under IBM Platform LSF, or to transparently share file system data between clusters or data centers, IBM Spectrum Scale removes storage bottlenecks ensuring that resources are fully utilized and that applications run as quickly and reliably as possible.

  • - IBM Platform Cluster Manager

    IBM Platform Cluster Manager is easy-to-use, powerful lifecycle management for scale-out cluster environments. It scales from single clusters to complex multi-team environments and helps organizations to leverage a single infrastructure for multiple business needs. Featuring a unified interface for management and monitoring, it helps to improve administrator productivity through reduced cluster management complexity.

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