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HPC Management with IBM Platform HPC

IBM Platform HPC provides a complete set of technical and high performance computing (HPC) management capabilities in a single product. The rich set of out-of-the-box features empowers IT managers and users by reducing the complexity of deploying, managing and using their computing environment and improving their time to results while reducing costs.

More science, less computer science

Technical computing users without IT support for their applications often need to also be experts in computer science to administer workloads on their clusters. As a result, those domain experts are spending time and effort managing infrastructure rather than focusing on producing results. They either struggle with building, managing, and supporting a cluster infrastructure themselves, or compromise performance by running their applications on a workstation—adversely impacting speed to solution and their competitiveness.

HPC Services.

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Complete HPC Management

From cluster provisioning, monitoring, and management to workload scheduling and reporting

IBM® Platform™ HPC allows technical computing users in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, life sciences, and higher education to deploy, manage and use their HPC cluster through an easy to use web-based interface. This minimizes the time required for setting up and managing the cluster for end users and allows them to focus on running their applications rather than managing infrastructure. IBM Platform HPC provides full management capabilities—from cluster provisioning, monitoring, and management to workload scheduling and reporting. All of the functions required to operate and use a cluster are installed at once and are tightly integrated. The product is designed to deliver faster time to system readiness, ease-of-use and improved application throughput.

IBM Platform HPC is Intel® Cluster Ready and provides the ability to easily deploy Intel Cluster Ready certified clusters. Technical computing users can leverage the user interface to launch Intel Cluster Checker, which helps ensure that the cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster lifecycle to increase uptime, productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Simplified cluster deployment, use and management

Platform HPC provides robust cluster and workload management capabilities. It simplifies the application integration process so that end users can focus on running their applications instead of managing the cluster. With Platform HPC, users can take advantage of:

Certified and unified capabilities

Some HPC cluster solutions just combine multiple tools and interfaces—they’re not integrated,certified, or tested together. Platform HPC provides a unified set of management capabilities that help you harness the power and scalability of your HPC cluster, resulting in optimal resource utilization and application throughput.

IBM Platform HPC includes:

With these capabilities, IBM Platform HPC cluster users can:

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