IBM Platform Computing

Integrate Hadoop, Spark and born-on–the-cloud apps
on a shared services infrastructure

Deploy analytics, technical computing and Hadoop workloads on high-performance clusters in the cloud with IBM Platform Computing Cloud Services

IBM® Platform Computing™ cloud services deliver versatile, application-ready clusters in the cloud for organizations that need to quickly and economically add computing capacity for high performance application workloads. The services include market-leading IBM Platform LSF® and IBM Platform Symphony workload management software, IBM Spectrum Scale software defined storage, and the new IBM High Performance Services for Hadoop. The software is integrated, provisioned and deployed as part of complete, integrated services which include a dedicated InfiniBand interconnect, bare-metal IBM SoftLayer® infrastructure and support from an experienced cloud operations team. A global presence with the choice of data center location helps ensure that data regulations are met.

Meet New and Peak Demand Challenges

IBM Platform Computing cloud services are designed for:

Add High Performance Computing Capacity as Needed

IBM Platform Computing cloud services enables speedy deployment of technical computing, analytics or Hadoop workloads in the cloud. Organizations using the service can easily meet additional resource demands without the cost of purchasing or managing in-house infrastructure, minimizing their administrative burden and quickly addressing evolving business needs.

To burst workloads from local infrastructure out to the cloud, organizations can add capacity on demand with application-ready clusters provisioned on the SoftLayer cloud and connected to an on-premise cluster. For companies experiencing new or emerging resource demands, a stand-alone cluster running on the SoftLayer cloud provides compute and storage resources as needed, accessible on a temporary basis with drastically reduced wait times.

Platform Computing cloud services provide:

Achieve Faster Business Results

Organizations using IBM Platform Computing cloud services benefit from:

Leverage IBM Software with SoftLayer Infrastructure and Support

In addition to offering fully integrated workload management spanning on-premises and on-cloud resources, the Platform Computing cloud service provides a security-rich cloud environment for demanding technical computing, analytics and Hadoop applications. The SoftLayer infrastructure includes dedicated physical machines, InfiniBand interconnect, Aspera for high speed data transfer and the latest processor technology to ensure optimal application performance and fastest time to results. SoftLayer public, private and out-of-band management networks are fully integrated, spanning data centers and network points-of-presence in multiple locations around the world.

Architected to meet your organization’s needs

Platform Computing cloud services eliminate the complexity of architecting, integrating, provisioning and managing a high performance cluster. Organizations have a choice of four cloud service options:

Figure 1. A hybrid cloud model enables businesses to meet peak demands with near- zero wait times.
User A User B User C... User N
 On-premise Platform LSF or Platform Symphony cluster  
Workload and data 
Temporary Platform LSF or Platform Symphony cluster SoftLayer cloud Bare-metal,private,public
Figure 2. A stand- alone cluster helps companies meet new, emerging needs
User A User B User C... User N 
Workload and data  
 Temporary Platform LSF or Platform Symphony cluster SoftLayer cloud Bare-metal,private,public

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