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Deeper Insights for Higher Education with HPC & Big Data

Universities need high-performance IT environments that can process massive amounts of data and support increasingly sophisticated simulations and analyses. Researchers need computing power, agility and scalability to rapidly analyze a wide range of structured and unstructured data and achieve deeper insights in many disciplines ranging from astrophysics to public health. IBM Platform Computing high performance cluster, grid and HPC cloud solutions can help universities bring together often highly distributed IT clusters to create a shared high performance compute and big data environment that is more agile, scalable and cost effective.

The Challenge

Supporting a wide range of research projects can be difficult in IT environments where computing resources were originally dedicated to discrete projects. This approach leads to siloed environments, uneven resource allocations among departments and little economy of scale savings. IBM Platform Computing solutions can help educational institutions transform their siloed environments into a shared compute and big data environment that can analyze data faster and more economically. As a result, researchers in the arts and humanities can analyze large amounts of unstructured data on the same HPC environment used by engineers.

The Solution

Platform Computing cluster, grid and HPC cloud management software solutions are designed to enable the high performance infrastructure needed to accelerate both compute and data-intensive applications. Compute intensive applications include structural mechanics, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, explicit dynamics, multi-physics, computer aided design, and home-grown applications. Data-intensive applications include big data and Hadoop MapReduce based applications.

Platform Computing solutions include workload and process management, HPC application integration, job submission and management, license scheduling, analytics and visualization, and MPI implementation. They are easy to deploy, with simple HPC cluster setup and management, and pre-integration of leading ISV applications including ANSYS and SIMULIA, to accelerate engineering simulations while providing users with transparent access to distributed computing resources.

To further lower the risk, cost, and time of putting together these solutions, IBM Platform Computing is working with leading ISVs to create industry-specific workload-optimized platforms. These application ready platforms are based on proven reference architectures. IBM Application Ready Solutions are available for leading ISV applications on IBM Platform Computing, IBM System x, IBM Flex System™ x86 and Power reference architecture. New offerings include:

The Benefits

Platform Computing solutions help create dynamic, flexible high performance clusters, HPC cloud and big data analytics environments, allowing you to achieve a wide range of benefits:

For the most complex problems you face, IBM Platform Computing software enables rapid modeling and analysis with extremely large data sets more efficiently. IBM Application Ready Solutions enable rapid implementation time resulting in lower costs and implementation complexity.

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