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Spend less on your software defined IT infrastructure using IBM Platform Computing solutions

Maximize business value of distributed computing investments by unifying management of Hadoop, Spark, and other applications

To help businesses with the daily challenges they face in managing and making sense of large and fast-growing big data, IBM has developed IBM® Platform™ Application Service Controller, a generalized resource manager for distributed applications. Platform Application Service Controller provides a shared-service backbone for a broad portfolio of key distributed software frameworks, including born-in-the cloud long-running services such as Apache Spark, MongoDB and Cassandra.

Without a unified management framework, deployment of distributed applications can result in “cluster sprawl”—multiple isolated, inefficient, underutilized, and costly infrastructure silos, each dedicated to its own set of applications.

Built on proven technology that is deployed at scale in some of the world’s largest production clusters, Platform Application Service Controller allows diverse applications to share infrastructure, helping to contain costs and improve asset utilization. For example, Platform Application Service Controller helps users to manage Spark lifecycles by supporting different Spark versions within a single environment, avoiding the siloed environment that can ensue when each Spark version is deployed in its own cluster. With IBM Platform Application Service Controller, Spark applications can also share their compute environment with other applications, as processing requirements permit.

By enabling a wide variety of applications to share resources and coexist on the same infrastructure, Platform Application Service Controller allows organizations to:

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