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Do you need help in deploying a software defined infrastructure, reducing multiple silos, uneven processing and delayed results that come with diverse users and complex application portfolio’s. Do you need to run more simulations or analyses in less time? Are you looking for new ways to optimize resource utilization while containing costs? You need to maximize the potential of your infrastructure to accelerate your analytics, HPC, Hadoop, Spark, and other born-on-the-cloud applications at any scale, extract insight from your data and get higher quality products to market faster. IBM Platform Computing uses intelligent workloads and policy-driven resource scheduling to optimize resources across the data center. Now even faster, with more flexibility and scalability to over 160,000 cores, IBM can help you optimize your distributed computing environment, whether it’s a small departmental cluster, a multi-site grid or a high performance cloud.


Customer Success

Aeromine revolutionises R&D with IBM HPC Cloud

Working together with expert partners in industry and education, Aeromines is an HPC solution based on IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service—enabling rapid, pay-as-you-go access to cluster resources for small and midsize enterprises.

DESY, the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, is one of the world's leading particle accelerator research centers. DESY implemented a new IT architecture based on IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS).

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    “(Platform) Analytics is one of the most significant IT investments that we have made. We needed the IBM solution to deliver the HPC utilization required to help our research teams generate results rapidly, meet their publication deadlines and, ultimately, secure new funding.”

    - Dr. Peter Clapham, Principal Systems Administrator, Informatics Systems Group, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    “Thanks to the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service, Aeromines is realizing our vision of offering secure, cost-effective access to HPC resources.”

    - Elie Hachem, Founder of Aeromines and Head of the Computing and Fluids Research Group at CEMEF Mines ParisTech

    “We chose IBM Spectrum Scale™ because no other file system could offer the same non-disruptive scalability.”

    - Bob Oesterlin, Senior Storage Engineer, Nuance Communications, Inc.

    “I love the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service— it gives us access to HPC capabilities without the headache of supporting a dedicated cluster.”

    - Dr. Elsa Aristodemou, Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University


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