Why Linux OS on z Systems?

The Linux operating system benefits from the mainframe’s capabilities and strengths – outstanding data security, high availability and superior performance – for a fast and secure Linux infrastructure.

Enterprises trust their critical workloads on IBM z/VM with IBM Wave and KVM for z Systems virtualization technologies. Let Linux OS on z Systems™ serve as your cloud IT infrastructure for data center simplification, trusted operations and unrivaled economics.

New virtualization capabilities

Extreme scalability, security, and efficiency

Easier installation and enhanced management

Now, it’s possible to support a hybrid cloud infrastructure with Linux on a single server – with less maintenance and effort.

Gain the capacity to grow inside the server; physical and virtual resources can be dynamically shared or reconfigured, all helping your IT staff in managing your hybrid cloud.

Moving from multiple physical servers to the virtualized cloud environment has significantly cut down on administrative costs and energy requirements

Business continuity solutions like IBM GDPS encompass Linux together with the other operating systems.

The complex cryptographic algorithms of the cryptographic hardware are supported, and the z Systems built-in features for Linux can anticipate and respond to threats. Bottom-line, z Systems is the most securable commercial server in the market.

Our clients cannot afford downtime. It is essential to provide fast, uninterrupted services.

Business integration on z Systems enables business flexibility across the systems, data, applications, and processes and beyond the enterprise.

IBM z Systems give the power to reduce complexities, extend IT investments and to deploy new solutions more quickly in your hybrid cloud.

By running other important workloads [Linux] alongside our core banking systems on the mainframe, we can ensure that they share the same quality of service.

And select from these premier Linux distributions for z Systems