IBM BladeCenter H Chassis

Form factor/height Rack-mount chassis/9U
Blade bays Up to 14
Switch modules Up to four standard, up to four high-speed and up to four bridge module bays
Power supply module Up to four hot-swap and redundant 2980 W ac high-efficiency power supplies with load-balancing and failover capabilities. Operating at 200-240 V
Cooling modules Two hot-swap and redundant blowers standard, additional fan packs on power supplies
Systems management hardware Advanced Management Module (aMM) standard; add an optional aMM for redundancy
I/O ports Universal Serial Bus (USB) based keyboard, video, mouse (KVM), Ethernet, USB
Media Two USB connections and an optional DVD multiburner
Systems management software Systems management and trial deployment tools
Predictive Failure Analysis Internal storage, processors, blowers, memory
Light path diagnostics Blade server, processor, memory, power supplies, blowers, switch module, management module, internal storage and expansion card
Limited warranty Three-year customer replaceable unit (CRU) and on-site limited warranty
External storage Support for IBM System Storage solutions (Including DS and Network Attached Storage (NAS) family of products) and many widely adopted non-IBM storage offerings