Smarter Storage

Snowball VFX uses Real-time Compression to create efficiencies 

 Fuel your future with an optimized storage solution.

Being able to capture and understand data is essential for any organization. However, the amount of data that organizations are required to store is exploding and disks are severely under-utilized. Enhancing storage efficiency through modernization is vital to ensure businesses are maximizing their IT budget. With the right storage solution, businesses can transform data into a strategic asset.

The solution is Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing. This new approach gives you more control over your storage systems to gain more insight from data, drive decision-making, enhance efficiency to reduce costs and deliver a competitive advantage to the business.

Learn about what may lie ahead for your business should you choose an efficient, scalable storage solution from IBM.

Video: See how Real-time Compression helps a company increase efficiency FAST.

Analyst Paper: Read how the Clipper Group demonstrates how Storwize V7000 capitalizes on Real-time Compression

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