Why Z?

Trust is the currency in the digital economy

The world is in the midst of a transformation. It's having a profound effect on us as individuals, in business and in society at large. As businesses adapt to capitalise on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. With IBM Z as the foundation of your business you are ready to succeed.


IBM Z supports the world’s businesses:

✓  The 10 top insurers

✓  44 of the top 50 banks

✓  18 of the top 25 retailers

✓  90% of the largest airlines


Blockchain is here. Are you ready?

Blockchain is the future and you know it. But do you have the right platform? Is it fast? Is it secure?

As you adopt blockchain you can rely on IBM Z for cryptography, security and reliability. And you can seamlessly integrate blockchain data with the transactional data already on your Z mainframe platform.


Hybrid cloud is your fast path to value

But not all clouds are the same. Did you know that cloud on IBM Z provides 50% lower cloud infrastructure costs than alternatives?

IBM Z platform offers a rapid deployment model for faster time to revenue, a highly secure environment to protect from breaches and an open software stack for the widest choice in applications.


Is your business ready to handle cyber attacks?

What do 25 of the top 25 banks, 18 of the top 25 retailers and 10 of the top 10 insurers all have in common? They all run on Z.

IBM Z customers rest easier knowing they are running on the world's most trusted platform. It is a security powerhouse designed to protect your business even in the face of complexity, lack of staff, and cost challenges. Come to Z for the encryption and security you need for the trust your clients demand.


Tackling real world problems with analytics and machine learning

Everything in your organisation produces data. How do you transfer that data into reliable intelligence? Machine learning gives systems the ability to learn without specific programming giving you powerful tools while minimising human effort. With the Z platform you benefit from solutions that use your existing people, processes and infrastructure to move you ahead on your digital journey.


Reduce your blind spots

It can be painful to manage complex hybrid environments and a struggle to achieve integrated IT operations and IT optimization.

IBM Z offers performance management solutions, advanced automation and predictive IT analytics to help maximise Service Level Availability across the enterprise. So now you can predict changes in your IT Operations – and take preventative actions to avoid outages and maximise efficiency.


DevOps enables continuous delivery of software innovation

Enterprises must respond to digital disruption to remain competitive. You are being tasked to increase the pace of innovation while ensuring the stability of core business systems.

DevOps for IBM Z offers a framework for transforming software delivery through planning, development, testing and operation of software across multiple platforms.


Open source made better

Looking for an open source solution – with outstanding data security, high availability and superior performance?

Benefit from the unique capabilities and strengths of the IBM Z mainframe. The costs savings and quality of service can be dramatic.


What we offer: Trusted systems and software


Featured hardware

z14 mainframe

Announcing the new enterprise mainframe server – your foundation for trusted digital experiences


Featured software

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS

Announcing new augmented intelligence software so you can gain high quality predictive insight


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Protection begins at the data centre. Encrypt it all.


Develop and improve analytic models with machine learning

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Donegal Insurance supports growth with an ultra-stable platform


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