IBM TS3310 Tape Library

Supporting Business Continuity and Information Lifecycle Management


The IBM TS3310 Tape Library is a modular, scalable tape library designed to address the tape storage needs of rapidly growing companies that find themselves space- and resource-constrained with tape backup and other tape applications.

Built around a 5U-high modular base library unit, the TS3310 can scale vertically with expansion for LTO Ultrium cartridges, drives and redundant power supplies.

For businesses challenged with rapidly growing data backup and long-term data retention needs and limited physical space for a tape library, the IBM TS3310 offers simple, rapid expansion as processing needs grow.

This tape library allows you to start small, with only a single 5U high library. Over time, as your need for tape backup expands, you can add additional 9U expansion modules, each of which contains space for additional cartridges, tape drives and a redundant power supply. The entire system grows vertically. Currently, available configurations include the 5U base library module and a 5U base, with up to four 9U expansion modules.

Feature Benefits
Modular, scalable design
Designed for high density
Capacity-on-demand option
Vertical expansion over 400 LTO Ultrium cartridges
Patented multipath architecture
No. of drives Up to 18 Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium tape drives (maximum two drives for the base model L5B library)
Max. number of cartridges Base model L5B: 35 storage and six I/O. Expansion module, model E9U: 92 storage or 80 storage and 12 I/O
Max. system capacity (2.5:1 Compression) 6.13 PB in a 41U configuration or 615 TB in model L5B base library
Supported platforms System Storage Interoperation Centre (SSIC)
TS3310 Tape Library configurations
  3576 model L5B 3576 model L5B and four E9U models
Configuration Base library Base library and 4 expansion units
Maximum LTO Ultrium storage slots 41 409
Maximum LTO Ultrium I/O slots 6 54
Maximum tape drives 2 18
Total physical capacity Up to 246 TB (615 TB with 2.5:1 compression) Up to 2.45 PB (6.13 PB with 2.5:1 compression)
Capacity-on-demand increments N/A 46 cartridges
Maximum logical libraries 2 18
TS3310 Tape Library at a glance
Form factor/height (H x W x D) L5B: 219.7 mm (8.65 in.) × 443.2 mm (17.45 in.) × 801.4 mm (31.55 in.)
L5B + E9U: 620.8 mm (24.4 in.) × 443.2 mm (17.45 in.) × 801.4 mm (31.55 in.)
Tape drive interface options 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) dual-port Fibre Channel (FC) (LTO Ultrium 7, 6 and 5)
Network interface Ethernet
Power supply L5B: 1 standard (2 maximum) L5B + E9U: 2 standard (4 maximum); L5B + E9U + E9U: 3 standard (6 maximum); L5B + 3 E9U: 4 standard (8 maximum); L5B + 4 E9U: 5 standard (10 maximum)
Hot-swap components Power supplies, tape drives
Systems management Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) enabled
OS supported Selected IBM servers and other Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® open-system servers.
Latest support information:
Limited warranty One year, 9 to 5, next business day
Weight L5B: 38.6 kg (85 lb) maximum
L5B + E9U: 88.5 kg (195 lb) maximum

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  • Call us at : 0800 426 431
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