IBM System Storage N series with Performance Accelerator Module


IT should be a source of business efficiency and productivity for your organisation. IT engineers rely on servers and storage systems to help support innovation and shorter product development cycles. Executives depend on IT to help meet aggressive goals for growth. IBM System Storage N series Performance Accelerator Module (PAM) was created to provide you with a new, cost-effective way to optimise performance.

The Challenge

Whether your IT task is order fulfillment planning or design simulation, time saved doing the task is time given back to the professionals waiting for results. Productivity can be increased by the performance of your servers and storage systems.

But you still need to be cost-effective. Higher levels of performance must be achieved without excessive use of data centre resources.

The Solution

IBM System Storage N series PAM was created to provide you with a new way to optimise storage performance. The N series PAM solution has been designed to help you improve performance for workloads that are random read-intensive without increasing drive counts.

IBM System Storage N series with FlexScale

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