IBM System Storage DS5020 Express


Optimised data management requires storage solutions with high data availability, strong storage management capabilities and powerful performance features. IBM System Storage DS5020 Express is designed to provide low total cost of ownership, high performance, robust functionality and unparalleled ease of use. As part of the System Storage DS5000 series storage system, DS5020 Express offers:

Achieve a low total cost of ownership

Facing relentless data growth and shrinking budgets, organisations continue to look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Utilising 8 Gbps FC connections allows companies to reduce the number of host bus adapters per server and the number of overall ports in their FC storage area network (SAN) infrastructure without sacrificing performance, thus saving acquisition and operational costs.

Additionally, auto-negotiating 8 Gbps FC interfaces allow DS5020 Express to integrate seamlessly into an existing 2 Gbps or 4 Gbps infrastructure, while offering investment protection going forward when the SAN inevitably becomes 8 Gbps.

The system is designed to help you avoid over-configuration for an affordable entry-point while offering seamless 'pay-as-you-grow' scalability as requirements change. Its efficient storage use is designed to reduce raw capacity requirements. The ability to intermix high-performance and high-capacity drives enables tiered storage in a single enclosure. These extraordinary abilities reduce the number of drives needed to meet performance and capacity demands and can significantly reduce acquisition and operational costs.

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