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AIX, IBM i and Linux software solutions

  • PowerVM Virtualisation

    As companies look for ways to maximise the return on your IT infrastructure investments, using virtualisation to consolidate workloads onto fewer systems becomes an attractive business proposition. IBM PowerVM provides mission critical virtualisation for UNIX, IBM i and Linux customers.

  • AIX

    The AIX operating system is an open standards-based, UNIX® operating system that allows you to run the applications your business needs on IBM Power servers, featuring the leading performance of POWER6 processor. AIX, in combination with PowerVM virtualisation technologies, enables businesses to consolidate workloads on fewer servers to increase efficiency and conserve energy.

  • IBM i

    Companies rely on an efficient IT infrastructure to support business-critical applications. They need to know that their systems and business processes are deployed to meet the highest service levels and can be adapted to handle every new business opportunity. The IBM i provides an integrated operating environment, with a built in database and a proven reputation for exceptional security and business resilience.

  • Linux

    Combine leadership 64-bit performance and industrial strength virtualisation technologies for your Linux® operating system applications with POWER6 processor-based IBM Power servers and BladeCenter® blade servers. These systems offer a highly reliable foundation for the thousands of Linux applications natively ported to Power Architecture technology and support for the new PowerVM™ Lx86 feature which is designed to install and run most x86 Linux applications using a supported Linux operating system.

  • Management

    Power server systems management provides the means to set up and control the server consolidation and virtualisation environments many businesses deploy to in an effort reduce the complexity and control the costs of their IT infrastructures. IBM delivers an end-to-end systems management solution that helps you to deploy, monitor, analyse, optimise and update Power server physical and virtual resources running any combination of AIX, Linux and IBM i operating system workloads.

  • Security (US)

    To help you meet the requirements of business security audits and regulatory security compliance demands, IBM offers tools to to protect data from threats and unauthorised access on Power servers running AIX, Linux and IBM ioperating system workloads. Security capabilities to protect file systems and data are an integral part of the AIX and i5/OS operating systems, which also support user access controls of security applications. Whether you want to manage the security of your Power servers, or include other elements in your data centre, IBM solutions provide intuitive administration that help you to define, enforce and audit your business security policy.

  • Energy (US)

    Data centre energy management has become increasingly important as the price of energy increases and system deployments grow beyond the capacity of current facilities to supply their power and cooling needs. Power Systems energy management solutions to monitor and control energy usage can help you to manage energy efficiency for data centres along with traditional areas of interest such as performance, reliability, and availability. IBM Power Systems include innovative solutions which support virtualisation and server consolidation efforts that are proven to help conserve energy usage and manage costs.

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    Call us at : 0800 426 431
    Priority code : Power
    Mon - Fri, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. AEST


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