High performance computing

IBM Power™ Systems high performance computing solutions lead the Top10 list of supercomputers in not only performance but also energy efficiency. When configured into highly scalable AIX® and Linux® clusters Power Systems offer extreme performance for demanding workloads such as computational chemistry, petroleum reservoir modeling, weather forecasting, climate modeling, and analytics.

IBM Blue Gene

IBM Blue Gene/Q delivers ultrascale performance within a standard programming environment while delivering efficiencies in power, cooling and floor-space consumption. Consistently recognised as the fastest “big data”, data intensive computing system,1 Blue Gene enables business and science to address a wide range of complex problems such as helping map the human genome, investigating medical therapies, flying airplanes, pinpointing tumors, predicting climate trends, and safeguarding nuclear arsenals. Today, with BlueGene/Q Express, a half rack configuration, this leading technology is available to a broader set of users requiring big data management that keeps them ahead of the competition.

IBM Systems Software for high performance computing

General Parallel File System (GPFS)

GPFS™ is a high-performance cluster file management infrastructure for AIX, Linux, Windows® and mixed clusters that provides world-class performance, scalability and availability for your file data.

Extreme Cloud Administraton Toolkit (xCAT) (US)

An open source scalable distributed computing management and provisioning tool that provides a unified interface for hardware control, discovery, and operating system deployment.

Cluster Systems Management (CSM) (US)

Designed to minimise the cost and complexity of administering IBM Cluster Systems built on IBM System x and IBM Power Systems by enabling comprehensive management and monitoring of the entire environment from a single point of control.

Tivoli® Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler® (US)

Used for dynamic workload scheduling, Tivoli® Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler® is a distributed network-wide job management facility designed to dynamically schedule work to maximise resource utilisation and minimise job completion time.

Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL) and Parallel ESSL (US)

Collections of state-of-the-art mathematical subroutines specifically designed to improve the performance of serial, SMP and SPMD applications on the IBM POWER™ processor-based servers.

Parallel Environment (PE) (US)

A comprehensive development and execution environment for parallel applications (distributed-memory, message-passing applications running across multiple nodes).

PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX (US)

The PowerHA SystemMirror Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition are designed to provide high availability and disaster recovery for critical business applications and data.

IBM Power 755

POWER7. Built on Power ™.

IBM Power 775 Supercomputer

POWER7. Built on Power ™.

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