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IBM Intelligent Cluster

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Systems Blade servers: HX5, HS22, HS22V, JS23, JS43
Enterprise servers: x3850 X5
iDataPlex servers: dx360 M3
Rack servers: x3550 M3, x3650 M3, x3690 X5, x3755 M3
Interconnects Ethernet Switches IBM Data Center Networking, BLADE Network Technologies, Cisco, Force10Networks, SMC, Voltaire
  Ethernet Adapters Chelsio, Mellanox
  InfiniBand Mellanox, QLogic, Voltaire
  Fibre Channel Brocade Emulex QLogic
External storage
Storage servers System Storage® DS5020, DS5100, DS5300, DS3950, DS3500, DS3400, DS3200
Storage expansion EXP5000 Storage Expansion Unit
DS4000® EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit
EXP3000 SAS JBOD, Single ESM
Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) NVIDIA Tesla M1060 , M2050, M2070 and M2070-Q Computing Modules
Operating systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11
Microsoft® Windows HPC Server 2008
Cluster management software xCAT (Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit)
Moab Adaptive HPC Suite
Moab Adaptive Computing Suite
IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) for Linux
Rack cabinets
5000 42U Rack Cabinet 79.5" H x 25.2" W x 43.3" D (2020 mm x 640 mm x 1100 mm); 574.2 lbs (261 kg)2
5000 25U Rack Cabinet 49.0" H x 23.8" W x 39.4" D (1344 mm x 605 mm x 1001 mm); 221 lbs (100.2 kg)2
iDataPlex 100U Rack Cabinet 82.4" H x 48.6" W x 33.2" D (2093 mm x 1235 mm x 844 mm); 385 lbs (174.6 kg)
Power and cooling Calibrated Vectored Cooling™, energy-efficient power supplies, low-voltage processors, IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™, IBM Power Configurator, Thermal Diagnostics
Scalability One management node is required and one redundant management node for failover is optional. A minimum of two and a maximum of 1,024 managed nodes are supported (optional software may limit supported nodes). This total can include up to 64 storage nodes. The maximum configuration is 1,026 nodes including compute, storage and management nodes. Larger configurations are available through a special bid process.
Warranty 3-year parts, customer replaceable unit (CRU) or on-site labor, limited warranty, with individual nodes retaining the warranty and service upgrade offerings for that IBM Machine Type; optional warranty service upgrades3

2 Weight is dependent on the nodes added and will vary when disks, adapters and peripherals are added.

3 Standard one-year warranty applies for x3455 and QS21, individual nodes retain the warranty and service upgrade offerings for that IBM Machine Type. Enhanced warranty service plans are available.

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IBM Intelligent Cluster

These high-performance integrated solutions are built on the highly innovative IBM System x rack, BladeCenter and iDataPlex servers.

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