RackSwitch G7028


The RackSwitch™ G7028 is an entry level enterprise-class 1 GbE switch designed for the data center.

The G7028 offers twenty-four 1 GbE RJ45 ports in addition to four 10 GbE SFP+ ports in a 1U form factor. The G7028 provides low power consumption with only 45 W. It is available with rear to front airflow, matching most servers and storage airflow which allows clients to maximize hot and cold aisle designs for lower operational costs. For clients looking for higher availability, an optional external redundant power supply option is available and can support up to four RackSwitch G7028s.

The RackSwitch G7028 is designed with exceptional performance in mind and provides non-blocking, wire-speed switching with cut-through architecture. The G7028 is ideal for clients looking for cost-effective 1 Gb Ethernet Layer 2 switching solutions with the ability to easily transition to 10 Gb Ethernet.

Product features

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