Virtualization Automation Solution

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization drives how network services are defined, managed, and used to provide cloud and highly virtualized services. Today, not just servers benefit from virtualization, so does the network.

Virtual Fabric: For prioritized workloads using shared links, IBM Virtual Fabric provides a simplified way to carve up 10 Gigabit Ethernet links to gain the benefits of IBM's next-generation vNIC - Unified Fabric Port (UFP) for Flex System.(PDF, 853KB) UFP and other vNIC capabilities are built into IBM System Networking Operating System and supported on select IBM 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches.

Virtualization-aware networking: IBM's VMready supports open standards virtualization based on IEEE 802.1Qbg Edge Virtual Bridging to discover and identify virtual machines in the data center automatically, create groups of virtual machines with dedicated switch resources, track virtual machines during migrations, reconfigure network settings automatically, and enforce network policies on virtual machines resident inside the same hypervisor. VMready is built into IBM System Networking Operating System and supported on select IBM Ethernet switches.

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