OpenDaylight Project

The OpenDaylight Project to Accelerate Software-Defined Networking

Approaches to virtualize the network layer and add programmability have left the industry fragmented - making adoption complex. Leading vendors realize this cannot continue since vendor lock-in is no longer an option. The OpenDaylight Project, a community-led and industry-supported open source framework will accelerate adoption, foster new innovation and create a more open and transparent approach to Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

IBM to donate open source version of DOVE

IBM intends to submit an open source version of its Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet (DOVE) technology as its initial contribution. This is the same technology used in IBM SDN for Virtual Environments (SDN VE).

A key to a Software Defined Environment

As data centers struggle to meet the demands of today's business, there's an increasing need for a Software Defined Environment (SDE) that brings together the trends in computing, storage and networking into a common set of infrastructure attributes. IBM intends to build on the OpenDaylight platform to offer a complete solution for SDN - a key building block of IBM's SDE strategy.

OPEN DAYLIGHT. Network applications, orchestration, and services. Controller platform. Southbound interfaces & protocols. Data plane elements (virtual switches, physical device intercaces).

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