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Open Data Center Interoperable Network (ODIN)

Open Data Center Interoperable Network (ODIN)

IBM has taken the lead to articulate the issues faced by agile data center networks and promote best practices by creating a roadmap based on industry standards, known as Open Data Center Interoperable Network or ODIN.

Customer choice, vendor-neutral RFQs and future proof data center networks: IBM believes that the practical, cost-effective evolution of data center networks should be based on open industry standards. This can be a challenging and often confusing proposition, since there are so many different emerging network architectures, both standard and proprietary.

Avoiding confusion in the marketplace: When evaluating proprietary and vendor- neutral solution, lower total cost of ownership is achieved via multi-vendor networks.

Best practices and real-world applications of networking standards: The ODIN materials created by IBM address issues such as virtualization and Virtual Machine (VM) migration across flat Layer 2 networks, lossless Ethernet, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Virtual Environments and OpenFlow, and extended distance WAN connectivity.

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