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Intelligent Traffic Management and Distribution

In today’s competitive business environment, data center operators are seeking to streamline their network topologies for business-critical data center infrastructures that are easy to manage, always available, and capable of adjusting to unpredictable workloads and changing business needs. The IBM iFlow Director is designed to deliver high availability, scalability and lower cost of ownership for any application delivery requirement where “Infrastructure Matters.”

Simplifying the network: In re-architecting the data center infrastructure for greater efficiency and flexibility, many organizations can manage and balance network traffic at the system level -- without requiring the usage of external network appliances such as load balancers and traffic management devices.

Network flow balancing: Managing 10G Ethernet network flows at the chassis or system level enables high-bandwidth for unlimited number of connections at wire speed with very high throughput for sustained in order to accommodate peak and varying workloads.

Integrated high-performance with low latency: Intelligent traffic management and distribution enable policy-based management for high availability, scalability and lower cost of ownership for traffic-critical applications such as security (firewall, intrusion detection, lawful interception, network surveillance…) and mobile-wireless gateways (traffic optimization, service differentiation…).

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