IBM SDN for Virtual Environments, KVM and VMware Editions


Data center networks today need to be agile and responsive while supporting a huge growth in data, the number of devices attaching to their network, and the mobility of an increasing number of users. Advances in virtualization are moving toward a software defined model where compute, storage, and network resources are provisioned at the request of applications and guided by orchestration managers. IBM is focusing on developing technologies that will help our clients build a Software Defined Environment (SDE) that optimizes their IT infrastructure and increases automation.

One proof point is IBM SDN for Virtual Environments which creates a more responsive network infrastructure by creating virtual networks for dynamic workloads. This virtual network is isolated from the physical network much like a virtual machine is isolated from its host server hardware. IBM SDN for Virtual Environments includes a rich set of APIs for easy integration with orchestration managers. This approach provides several advantages:

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