IBM Programmable Network Controller


Enterprises, trading centers and network operators are looking for ways to simplify, streamline and virtualize their data centers. Software Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenFlow is emerging as a compelling way to build fast, agile and intelligent networks. Data flow control is abstracted from static individual switches to dynamic programmable network-level control. Administrators can quickly create and control virtual networks for each application environment or network service. They can scale highly virtualized application infrastructures, multi-tenant networks on public or private clouds.

The IBM Programmable Network Controller (IBM PNC) provides an OpenFlow-based fabric with centralized control of network flows and unlimited virtual machine (VM) mobility—implemented in enterprise-class software. The controller software automatically and continuously discovers the OpenFlow network topology and maps physical and virtual traffic flows across any OpenFlow-based data center network environment. The IBM PNC helps provide a highly reliable, edge-to-edge system network fabric that can be defined for multi-tenant environments. Granular policy enforcements ensure secure isolation across multiple tenants. Administrators can use the IBM PNC to attach policies that direct overall network operations, saving management time and helping to ensure that data center system and network deployments are aligned with business strategy.

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