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Networking Software

IBM iFlow Director: Smarter Networking Load Balancing for the IBM BladeCenter

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Base switch
  • 46C9250
Single Chassis (SC) Licensing (Enables IBM iFlow functionalities in external ports)
  • SC Level 1 (46C9254): 4 external ports
  • SC Level 2 (46C9256): 10 external ports
  • Upgrade SC Level 1 to Level 2 (46C9258)
Multiple Chassis (MC) Licensing (Enables IBM iFlow functionalities in servers)
  • MC Base (46C9260): 28 servers
  • Upgrade SC Level 1 to MC Base (46C9264)
  • Upgrade SC Level 2 to MC Base (46C9266)
  • MC Add on (46C9262): Adds 14 servers to MC Base. (May order up to 5 add ons for a total of 84 servers)
External ports

Up to ten 10 GbE SFP+ ports; also designed to support 1 Gb SFP, if required; flexibility of mixing 1 Gb/10 Gb transceivers:

  • IBM SFP+ SR transceiver (46C3447)
  • IBM SFP+ LR Transceiver (90Y9412)
  • IBM SFP RJ45 Transceiver (81Y1618)
  • IBM SFP SX Transceiver (81Y1622)
  • IBM SFP LX Transceiver (90Y9424)
  • For more information, visit:
  • SFP+ copper direct attach cables: 1 m/3 m/5 m
  • For more information, visit:
  • One 10/100/1000 Mb copper RJ-45 port used for management or data
Internal ports 14×10 GbE data paths 1 to each server bay
Internal 2 ports: 100Base-T management through the AMM
Console interface 1 port: RS 232 mini-USB connector
Full-line rate performance 480 Gbps
Latency 1.60 microseconds
High performance traffic distribution Ingress traffic is classified into flows and distributed to all server blades in parallel at wire-speed
Configurable hash parameters Source MAC, Destination MAC, Source IP, Destination IP
Scalability Multichassis support in Layer-3 mode delivers scalability to up to 84 servers across up to six BladeCenter chassis
High availability
  • Rapid server failure detection and recovery
  • Rapid switch failure detection and failover to standby switch
Application health checks Link, IPS, ARP, ICMP, TCP, Script based, HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, DNS, SMTP
Policy-based traffic steering and routing Configurable rules to match on Layer 2 - 4 packet header fields and redirect packets to an outgoing port, trunk or IP next-hop.
CLI Industry-based CLI (Cisco-like) and IBM Networking OS CLI
Secure management
  • Management via CLI, telnet, Web, SNMP
  • Secure management via HTTPS, SSH v1/v2, SNMP v1-3
  • Dual software images
  • Upgrade via TFTP, FTP and serial download
  • Detailed statistics and switch diagnostics
  • Management ports physically isolated from data ports
Configuration tracking

Complete logging of all changes:

  • Identification of the user, time and date stamp, parameters changed
  • Changes attempted and denied
  • Local log with the option to export data to a remote server