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IBM System Networking’s new solutions for our June 10th announce provide unmatched connectivity for cloud and software defined environments. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to networking that moves the control of network switches from the switches to an extensible software platform with open interfaces resulting in greater enterprise performance, scalability and security.

IBM System Networking Operating System 7.7 extends support for Software Defined Networking to our portfolio by announcing OpenFlow (PDF, 241KB) on our IBM RackSwitch G8052, IBM RackSwitch G8316, and IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 and EN4093R switches.

IBM SDN for Virtual Environments helps speed application deployment from days to minutes while enhancing security and reducing operational expenses. In addition, it can create virtual networks as quickly as virtual servers through automation.

Clients can gain data insights faster with the newest 96-port Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN switch - the IBM System Networking SAN96B-5. IBM Network Advisor with new Fabric Vision technology provides simplified SAN management and robust analytics.

In addition, new IBM System Networking Switch Center is designed to simplify and centralize the management of IBM BladeCenter, Flex System and IBM RackSwitch Ethernet and converged switches.

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