2013.gada 25.septembrī
Radisson Blu Latvija konferenču centrā

Aicinām Jūs piedalīties ikgadējā IBM Forumā 2013, kas notiks
Trešdien, 25.septembrī Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija konferenču centrā.

IBM Forumā ik gadu tiekas vairāk nekā 300 Latvijas labāko IT nozares uzņēmumu un speciālistu, lai uzzinātu, kas jauns IBM tehnoloģiju pasaulē. IBM Foruma 2013 prezentācijas tiks organizētas trijās paralēlās sesijās, sniedzot jums iespēju iepazīties ar IBM jaunākajiem risinājumiem un produktiem, Latvijas labāko IT uzņēmumu drosmīgākajiem projektiem, kā arī risinājumu ieviešanas un lietošanas pieredzi no klientu perspektīvas:

  1. biznesa analītikas un lielo datu sesija īpaši piemērota dalībniekiem, kam ikdienā nepieciešams strauji un precīzi orientēties lielos nepilnīgi strukturētu datu apjomos, pieņemt uzņēmējdarbības datos balstītus lēmumus, paredzēt nākotnes vajadzības un tendences
  2. infrastruktūras un procesu plānošanas sesija orientēta uz uzņēmumu sistēmu un procesu pārvaldītājiem, kā arī atbildīgajiem par sistēmu optimizāciju un lietotāju apmierinātību, neatkarīgi no tā, vai tie būtu uzņēmuma darbinieki, partneri vai klienti
  3. tehnoloģisko inovāciju sesija veltīta atsevišķu Latvijas tirgum noderīgu un jau populāru IBM produktu un risinājumu perspektīvai un iespējai pilnveidot tehniskās zināšanas par labākajiem IBM produktiem Latvijā.

Katras prezentācijas noslēgumā – iespēja saņemt IBM un partneru vadošo speciālistu atbildes uz sev aktuālākajiem jautājumiem.

Ceram, ka ikgadējais IBM FORUMS arī šogad jums sniegs noderīgu un iedvesmojošu pieredzi – reģistrējieties jau tagad, lai rezervētu sev vietu!




IBM Foruma 2013 atklāšana
Uģis Eriņš, IBM Latvijas vadītājs

















17:00 - 18:00

IBM Foruma 2013 noslēgums

Name and Surname
Job title

Channel - Storage Technical Specialist

Pawel Bondar
BCRS and Data Centre services sales leader

STG IT Architect Baltics

IBM Fellow/ Vice President

Uģis Eriņš
Leader Baltic Markets

IBM Information Strategist

Tealeaf Regional Manager, CEE

High End/ Blade Sales Leader and CEE GMT

Netezza Sales Executive

Guntars Otto
Integarted Communication Service Offering leader, CEE

Worldwide Predictive and Business Intelligence Solution Excutive

Slawomir Slowinski
Senior Technical Sales, System Networking, CEE

System Networking Sales Leader for CEE

Bijan Davari

The Future of Computing Systems and Technology

The future of technology will be shaped by the evolution of semiconductors, computing systems, software, and applications. The flow of disruptive innovations will continue to fuel the exponential growth of computational density, and communication speed. This exponential growth creates new applications and industries, as it leads to new computing architectures which can handle and analyze vast amounts of real-time, unstructured data, generated by both people and machines. This includes applications such as real-time, predictive analytics. I will discuss the ushering in of the next phase of computing "Cognitive Systems Era", through the indispensable integration of: switching and storage elements, "scale-in" workload optimized system architectures, and software.

Bijan Davari, IBM Fellow, VP Next Generation Computing Systems and Technology Bijan Davari received his M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY in 1984. He then joined IBM Research Division, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, where he worked on various aspects of high-performance CMOS technologies for IBM mainframe and UNIX systems . Dr. Davari was appointed IBM Fellow in 1996, and has been the Vice President of Next Generation Computing Systems and Technology since 2003. In this capacity, Dr. Davari leads the efforts for the definition and implementation of IBM’s next generation systems, employing Massively Multi Threaded (MMT) architectures and Special function engines in Workload Optimized Systems. This activity integrates IBM’s technical disciplines in Hardware and Software (including; silicon, packaging, cooling, system architecture, design tools, compliers, middleware) with the Client requirements in the new and emerging business applications in various fields. Dr. Davari received the J.J.Ebers award in 2005 and the Andrew S. Grove Award in 2010. He has authored and co-authored more than 70 publications on various aspects of semiconductor devices and technology. He is an IEEE fellow.

Jānis Čevers

Cost effective solution architecture for file data storage on Petabyte scale

Amount of unstructured data grows continually while IT budgets stays the same and IT infrastructures must not only be faster and more capacious, but also smarter. IBM GPFS solutions can help to outpace enterprise data growth while keeping related costs in control. Scale-out architecture provides hardly limited potential for performance and capacity while smart information lifecycle management features helps to keep costs low.

Jānis Čevers is IBM Systems Technology Group client IT Architect responsible for Baltics. He has 20 years experience in the IT infrastructure industry with servers, storage and networking technologies. Janis joined IBM in January 2013.

Piotr Biskupski

IBM Flash Systems on DataCenter on steroids

Piotr Biskupski is one of the leading and most acclaimed experts in IBM CEE STG group, earlier mainly engaged as an evangelist of efficiency and data retention on global storage systems. Now is a CEE Technical Leader responsible for support of IBM Flash System technology. Piotr for 17 years has been associated with the University - Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. His main research interest and hobby is nanotechnology and solid state physics. Long-term coordinator of the IBM Academic Initiative and a passionate proponent of open source technology and mainframe systems. His experience in the field of IT passed students for many years organizing the highly popular lectures related IBM technologies. 

Andrew Gough

How web analytics work - with Tealeaf demonstration

Managing Change While Accelerating Growth. Reclaiming lost revenue by revealing invisible sources of customer struggle on the web, mobile, call center and retail channels What do companies or all types and sizes have in common? Each has customers who abandon their web journey due to customer struggle they never knew existed, and which is costing millions in annual lost revenue. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how experiencing your customers as they experience you can be the most powerful thing you do to transform your business.

Andrew Gough has worked in the CRM/EEM arena for over 20 years, both in the Unites States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. He currently manages the Tealeaf Brand in Europe and works closely with customers from all sectors to understand how they can benefit from experiencing their digital channels through the eyes of their customers.

Sergey Kuzin

Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS 

Explore benefits of modern predictive analytics software brought to you by world class vendor. Powered by 15 years of our experience in the field of finance, telecom and retail IBM SPSS are the most sufficient tools today for your business needs.
Experts from PREDICTIVE SOLUTIONS will explain and show you how IBM SPSS products can help you increase profits and tune your business to more precise predictions using historical data. 

The consulting director of PREDICTIVE SOLUTIONS, Sergey Kuzin is an expert in predictive analytics and data mining. He has more than 10 years’ experience of implementing predictive analytics into business processes in telecommunication, financial, retail and other industries to provide competitive advantages for the companies based on in-depth insight of their data.

Piotr Nowik

How to optimize IT infrastructure based on IBM Flex systems

Technology enthusiast, associated with IT industry for more than 15 years associated. As a "Subject Matter Expert" in the IBM System x team he specializes in projects based on High End / Blade technologies for customers in Europe and the Middle East. He is a certified expert in x86 server technology based on the Intel / AMD, Windows and VMware. The author of many professional publications and presentations. His hobbies are volleyball and kite surfing.

Grzegorz Oleś

Revolution, evolution, love: tapping into value of data

Grzegorz Oleś is responsible for business development and sales of IBM BigData product family in Poland and Baltics territory. Previously was in charge of Pure Data Systems (Netezza) business development in Poland. Grzegorz has multiyear experience in consulting and sales of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions and was working as Sales and Consulting Director and Country Manager in SAS Institute and MicroStrategy.

Oliver Oursin

Using Business Analytics to transform the business

How to move beyond traditional BI even if there are still many challenges in reporting & ad-hoc analyses. Applying predictive analytics into strategic, tactical & operational processes is becoming a must-have capability for vast majority of organizations. How companies benefit from analyze – predict – act approach by utilizing Business Analytics in a structured way. Historical data analyses, planning spent, predicting risk or future events with IBM Business Analytics.

Oliver Oursin is the worldwide Predictive and Business Intelligence solution executive. In this role he meets many of our largest, most strategic clients, partners, analysts and press. He has a good management relationship with many of our clients and partners. He has 15 years experience in the Business Analytics industry. Starting with managing BI projects in a leading German bank, Oliver joined Cognos in 1999 where he assumed multiple roles in services, presales, customer success and the senior management team. Since 2009 he assumed several roles in IBM.

Venkatesh Sadayappan

Trends and concepts behind IBM Security Intelligence Platform

Listen to the IBM Security Framework approach of Holistic Security for your Enterprise. With focus on market leading Security Intelligence platform solutions, applying advanced analytics and automation to massive amounts of data, events, and network flows. Learn about the newly launched QRadar Vulnerability Manager and Next Generation Network Protection.

Venkatesh Sadayappan is the Marketing and Strategy Manager for IBM Security Systems at Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to this, he served as Security Solutions Consultant at worldwide IBM Security Tiger Team and a Member of IBM X-Force Support team, to strengthen relationship with key clients, by being a trusted advisor through consultative approach. With 14 years of experience in Information Security domain, his current mission is to determine the appropriate strategies for clients in different markets.
Earlier Venkatesh was responsible for Asia Pacific region as Security Product Manager at IBM Global Technology Services covering Managed Security Services, Professional Services and Integrated Products. Prior to that Venkatesh has held responsibilities like Asia Pacific Business Line Management at IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS), as Country Manager responsible for ISS business in India and Sri Lanka region. Before joining ISS, Venkatesh served with a large Systems Integrator HCL Comnet as Product Manager again in the Internet Security domain.
Venkatesh holds qualification in Bachelor of Engineering, MBA and Certification in ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and ITIL v3.

Adam Wygodny

Smarter Network for Smarter Planet – the business benefits of Data Center networking

Today’s reality does not care about technical specifications of products. This is very important, but it isn’t decide about starting project. Every decision of new investment must be supported by value for business. Each technical features should delivery particular advantage for business. Most Business Partners and Clients wonder, how provide more by paying less? How be effective during the crisis? How transform IT departments to profitable centers?
This session will try to answer to these questions and bring knowledge about the competitive advantage of IBM Networking Solutions, show how technical features support business needs. IBM Networking is a part of IBM portfolio used in PureSystems, System X, Power, Storage, Watson, Netezza and SAP HANA. IBM is market leader in Data Center networking solutions.

Adam Wygodny is System Networking Sales Leader for CEE, - 15 years experience in IT sector, MBA graduate, in charge of selling networking solutions in Central and Easter Europe with development of company strategy and products portfolio background.

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