A highly scalable, highly affordable, Linux enterprise server

IBM® LinuxONE Rockhopper™ is your data superhero. Rely on it to handle the explosive growth of your mobile apps and data, deliver real-time insight and be deployable within a secure and resilient cloud-ready platform. LinuxONE Rockhopper offers industry-leading virtualization, performance, resiliency, security, scalability, manageability and throughput in a compact footprint.

But do all those superhero advantages cost more? See how the potential for significant savings in total cost of ownership makes the Rockhopper a highly affordable Linux enterprise system.

What sets Rockhopper apart from other Linux servers?


Realize proven savings over on premises distributed servers and 45% percent savings over workloads on x86 private cloud.1


Achieve superior application performance with the world’s fastest commercially available processor.


Get economical and flexible workload processing and be able to host 1000 virtual servers on 1 physical server.


Protect your business and your customers with the highest level of security available and workload isolation at every level


Out run your competition with near 100% uptime and continuous data availability with processor cores in reserve.


Use the software and open source you love – WebSphere, DB2, Oracle, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, MongoDB, Docker and more.

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With the IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper, ICU IT Services helps businesses slash their IT costs by up to 50 percent.   

— Ron Eland, Managing Partner and CEO, ICU IT Services

1 "Performance comparison based on IBM Internal tests comparing IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper cloud with one comparably configured private x86 cloud and one comparably configured public cloud running general purpose virtual machines designed to replicate typical IBM customer workload usage in the marketplace."