Meet the best of enterprise Linux

When security, availability and scalability matter most, IBM® LinuxONE Emperor™ is the best Linux server to protect sensitive transactions, minimize business risk and support the largest databases. LinuxONE Emperor combines the best open source technology with the world’s fastest processor commercially available.

Does the best cost more? This Linux system can deliver significant TCO savings over distributed workloads on x86–with superior performance, ease of management and security.

How can LinuxONE Emperor help your business outcompete?

Linux without limits:

Up to 8K virtual machines and over 1M
Docker containers

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    Outrun your competition with the world’s fastest processor, the biggest I/O pipe and unlimited scale. Support millions of active users at lightning-fast speeds.

Linux without risk:

24/7 uptime, record setting reliability
and EAL5+ security

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    Protect your data with the industry’s most secure Linux server and protect your services with record levels of uptime and continuous data availability.

Linux your way:

Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu and
popular open source packages

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    It’s the Linux you love with the flexibility and agility you need. You have the freedom to choose your distribution, hypervisor, runtime, database, analytics and cloud tools.

Just imagine what is possible – running a secure, best-in-class server that is able to support millions of
users with sub-second response times at virtually limitless scale – all in an open source platform.


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