Open. Cost effective.
Ready for business.

KVM — an open cross-platform virtualization alternative, a smarter choice

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a cross-platform, open source hypervisor that provides enterprise-class performance, scalability and security to run Linux and other workloads on a range of process architectures including POWER, z Systems and x86. KVM provides organizations a cost-effective alternative to other hypervisors, and enables a lower-cost, more scalable, and open Cloud. KVM is ready for business: because it's open it is cost-effective, because IBM stands behind it it's a smart choice.

IBM investment in KVM

IBM brings its expertise and longstanding commitment to open source and virtualization to KVM, contributing key performance, reliability and security features, and offering extensive virtualization management and Cloud capabilities. Learn more

Why KVM?

KVM has rapidly gained acceptance in the marketplace as an enterprise-class, open alternative. Today an extensive ecosystem exists through the Open Virtualization Alliance, oVirt, ISVs and the Linux Distributions. Learn more

KVM & cloud

KVM and it’s ecosystem supports the key characteristics of clouds: virtualization, standardization, automation and security. Learn more

We're here to help

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    New IDC white paper discussing the state of open virtualization and key opportunities for the KVM hypervisor

  • Latest KVM Performance Benchmarks

    KVM is scalable and high performance, delivering the top four SPECvirt_sc2013 results

What are the benefits of KVM?

  • Lower cost
    39 percent cheaper over a three-year TCO
  • Better performance
    94 percent better virtual machine consolidation
  • Hardened security
    Built in hardened security with SE Linux