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System Interconnect Improvements

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According to a survey conducted by Information Technology and Intelligence Corp, IT downtime costs companies more than USD 26.5 billion in lost revenue each year. And while achieving zero downtime is virtually impossible, one out of 10 companies said they need greater than 99.999% availability. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution: System Interconnect Improvements. They create the connectivity platform that:

  • Reduces network downtime
  • Lowers cost, power and space requirements
  • Decreases management complexity
  • Increases performance and business competitiveness.

This allows your IT system to effectively share information to a large and distributed user community―which provides that community with efficient access to an ever-more diverse range of services.

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System interconnect improvements are built on open standards for maximum interoperability, minimizing rip-and-replace no matter what your current infrastructure or choice of network vendors may be.

Inder Gopal, IBM Vice President for Systems Networking Development

What are System Interconnect Improvements?

System Interconnect Improvements allow information to be effectively shared by a large and distributed user community, providing efficient access to an ever more diverse range of services. System interconnect fabric is a high-speed switched interconnect that links data center physical resources such as blade and rack servers with storage and networking. In the LAN market, it has been called a network, while the SAN market adopted the term “fabric.” System Interconnect Improvements implemented across computer systems tend to share much in common with storage and I/O, relying both on the operating system and software protocols and high-speed hardware. System Interconnect Improvements are designed for use at different levels within and across computer systems to meet the operational demands of various application areas—high-performance computing, storage I/O, cluster/workgroup/enterprise systems, internetworking, and so on.

You can get Inder Gopal's expert opinion on System Interconnect Improvements by reading this post on the Smarter Computing Blog.

Why are System Interconnect Improvements important?

By sharing hardware and software resources, System Interconnect Improvements create a connectivity platform that provides redundancy, resulting in reduced network downtime. And the improved network traffic flow yields huge enterprise computing efficiencies. Most important, you can scale your systems while retaining flexibility. This allows you to deliver:

These advancements add intelligence and speed to the essential access, distribution and aggregation layers where server and storage systems are connected to the data center network. As a result, organizations that deploy System Interconnect Improvements have realized:

How can IBM help you benefit from System Interconnect Improvements?

IBM leads the way in performing System Interconnect Improvements across its competitive portfolio around the globe. IBM System Networking enterprise solutions are fast, intelligent, and interoperable, helping clients harness the full capabilities of IBM systems and storage for cloud, big data/analytics and expert integrated systems. IBM offers Ethernet, PureSystems, Fibre Channel, FCoE and converged switches and software for network-aware virtualization, management and software defined networking (SDN). IBM has incorporated System Interconnect Improvements at multiple levels across all system lines including Power Systems, System z and Pure Systems facilitating communications that is smarter, faster, greener, open and easy to manage.

The IBM System Networking RackSwitches are designed to support network connectivity for IBM Power Systems. The IBM RackSwitch G8316 is a 40-Gigabit Ethernet aggregation switch designed for the data center, providing speed, intelligence, and interoperability on a proven platform.

The IBM System z networking interface is designed to help strengthen the fabric of the on-demand operating environment. Industry-standard PCIe Gen2 interfaces support Ethernet at 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, and 100 Mbps using an 8 Gbps host bus for high speed infrastructure bandwidth. This PCIe Gen2 interface is designed for high reliability and availability as well as enhanced resilience.

IBM PureFlex System offer switches and adapters that can fit your existing network―in Ethernet, Fibre Channel, FCoE or converged protocols. These switches and adapters are highly flexible and range in capacity from 1 GB to 16 GB, providing an easy way to scale your system as your IT requirements grow.

Whether your enterprise is large or small, IBM System Interconnect Improvements can help decrease your network downtime and increase your network efficiency. Explore all the System Interconnect Improvement resources to discover how IBM can supply the solution for your specific needs.

Meet the expert on System Interconnect Improvements

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    Inder Gopal

    IBM Vice President for Systems Networking Development

About Inder Gopal

Dr. Inder Gopal is Vice President for System's Networking Development in System Technology and is responsible for the development of all hardware and software networking products in IBM. Previously, Inder Gopal was Vice President of Analytical Applications in the Software Group at IBM. He founded two venture-funded startup companies, and worked in senior executive roles at AT&T and Prodigy. He has a long record of successful commercialization of leading-edge technology, often creating new markets and product categories. Dr. Gopal has also had a distinguished research career in the area of computer networks, with 20 patents and more than 70 technical publications to his credit. He has served as editor of several technical journals and was elected Fellow of the IEEE. He has a PhD from Columbia University, New York and a BA from Oxford University, England.


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