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Manage all workloads with an efficient, scalable Software Defined Infrastructure

Imagine an entire IT infrastructure controlled not by hands and hardware, but by software. One in which application workloads such as big data, analytics, simulation and design are serviced automatically by the most appropriate resource, whether running locally or in the cloud.

A Software Defined Infrastructure enables your organization to deliver IT services in the most efficient way possible, optimizing resource utilization to accelerate time to results and reduce costs. It is the foundation for a fully integrated software defined environment, optimizing your compute, storage and networking infrastructure so you can quickly adapt to changing business requirements. A comprehensive portfolio of management tools dynamically manage workloads and data, transforming a static IT infrastructure into a workload- , resource- and data-aware environment.

Infographic depicting how a Software Defined Environment optimizes your compute, network storage and management infrastructure

Create the right foundation

Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Compute

Software Defined Management

Software Defined Networking

Today, almost every organization faces an unprecedented volume and variety of data from new-era clouds and applications. You need a secure environment that can efficiently extract the most value from your data – with a software-defined storage infrastructure.

IBM Spectrum Storage is the first software family designed to simplify and speed storage management, scale with data anywhere, and optimize economics with multi-brand virtualization, intelligent tiering and open API support. Our portfolio helps transform your business with hybrid cloud storage and data protection for analytics.

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Making the Impossible... Possible


Transform your data to make informed business decisions and deliver superior customer experiences.

Software Defined Networking uses network virtualization to enable rapid deployment of your cloud applications, reducing bottlenecks in the data center.

IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments creates virtual networks for dynamic, cloud-based workloads. Built on open standards, the common SDN architecture helps you create and delete networks as needed with orchestration managers, centralize management from hundreds of switches down to a single console, and insert security as software instead of adding network hardware. You can realize faster time to value, reduce operating expenses and improve scalability.

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SDN market will increase
from $360 million in 2013
to 3.7 billion in 2016

Source: IDC, *SDN Shakes Up the Status Quo in
Datacenter Networking, IDC Says* 19 December 2012


In nearly every industry, the need for more compute capacity has grown. But diverse users and complex application portfolios often create multiple compute silos, uneven processing, design cycle problems and delayed results.

With intelligent workloads and policy-driven resource scheduling, Software Defined Compute with IBM Platform Computing enables you to optimize your resources, from application software licenses to available network bandwidth, to speed results and decrease infrastructure costs across the data center.

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100x performance - with IBM platform symphony and IBM spectrum scale

Software Defined Management helps you efficiently provision, monitor, and, in many cases, consolidate disparate resources to simplify the oversight of your IT environment.

IBM Platform Cluster Manager automates the assembly of multiple clusters on a shared cloud infrastructure that multiple teams can use. Easy to deploy and use, IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack offers a self-service portal for workload provisioning, virtual image management, and monitoring to efficiently manage a virtualized environment.

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Up to 3x productivity
improvement based on
integrated management

Source: IBM retail client, September 2013

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Key reasons to use Software Defined Storage

Key reasons to use Software Defined Storage

Confused by the range of storage options available? Learn how to evaluate and determine the right approach for your needs.

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Top-performing infrastructure drives Infiniti Red Bull Racing success

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Clearing the confusion around Software Defined Storage

Clearing the confusion around Software Defined Storage

IBM and Enterprise Strategy Group discuss the IT and business value an SDS deployment can deliver.

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Maximizing compute power and performance

Maximizing compute power and performance

IBM Platform Computing is transforming CME Group to maximize performance, accelerate applications, and extract insights from data.

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Software Defined Storage for Dummies

Software Defined Storage for Dummies

Examine data storage and management challenges, and learn how IBM can help you with innovative storage solutions.

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Six steps to making HPC clusters a reality for any business

Six steps to making HPC clusters a reality for any business

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