Transitioning x86 to Lenovo

Information for IBM Clients and Business Partners

A snapshot of the planned transition of x86 servers

Why are we transitioning x86 to Lenovo?

IBM believes that Lenovo’s proven strengths in scalability, operational efficiency and a broad channel presence – combined with IBM innovation – will deliver a win for IBM’s x86 clients and Business Partners. IBM’s strategic alliance with Lenovo spans decades, and has enabled us to collaborate in developing and delivering high-value solutions.

Which products will go to Lenovo?

Lenovo will acquire System x racks and towers, x86 BladeCenter and x86 Flex System blade servers and integrated systems -- plus associated software, switching and maintenance operations. IBM will retain System z mainframes, Power Systems, Storage, Power-based Flex servers and PureApplication and PureData Systems.

How will the transition work?

Until the agreement is complete, IBM and Lenovo will continue to operate independently. IBM will work with its x86 clients and Business Partners under current agreements. Once the transaction closes, IBM will work to ensure a seamless transition, and it is expected that our x86 leadership will join Lenovo.

For more information, please contact your IBM Sales Representative or Business Partner

Adalio Sanchez, General Manager, IBM x86 and PureSystems Solutions

Adalio Sanchez discusses the details of the proposed x86 acquisition and what it means for IBM clients and Business Partners.

Transcript of video

​A personal message from Adalio Sanchez on the proposed transition to Lenovo.

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