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Your choice of IT infrastructure matters

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Choosing the right IT infrastructure matters because business outcomes matter

The business landscape is rapidly changing. Pervasive mobile devices, social media-empowered customer, massive amounts of data and constant security threats, make it critical that organizations are able to adapt to meet ever-changing demands. IT must deliver services more rapidly and efficiently, enable real-time insight from structured and unstructured data, and drive more customer interaction. The right IT infrastructure is essential to managing this new reality.

It’s not really an option. Revenue, profits, flexibility, business integrity and customer engagement are all at risk if companies don’t act strategically. So what should you do? Look at your current systems and capabilities to determine how the right analytics and hybrid cloud capabilities can deliver the business results you need. Integrate and innovate to deliver an IT infrastructure that is powerful, workload-optimized, open, agile and highly secure.

We’ve given you some ideas in this thought-provoking collection.

IT Infrastructure Matters video

Shaping the future

Technology is creating a smaller, faster, smarter and more connected world. By delivering innovation through the cloud, and with big data and analytics, IT is shaping the future through infrastructure choices that matter.

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The IT infrastructure conversation

The IT infrastructure conversation

IBM Institute for Business Value introduces a second report on how successful companies go beyond mere technology to build strong IT infrastructure foundations.

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Top 6 infrastructure choices that solve business challenges


Whether for cloud or big data and analytics initiatives, infrastructure choices like these top six can get you on the right path.

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How infrastructure helps unleash brand promise

Smarter Computing

This infographic details the roles cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security solutions play in creating a robust, innovative infrastructure within an organization.

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Infrastructure matters: myth or truth?


IT infrastructure misconceptions abound, especially regarding cloud and big data and analytics deployments. Learn the truth.

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Capitalize on big data and analytics: 5 steps to get started


To launch a big data and analytics initiative, first assess your technology, staffing and processes. These five steps can speed your evaluation.

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Find the right cloud in 5 easy steps

placeholder image

One cloud infrastructure doesn’t fit all workloads. These steps can help IT find the right cloud to meet business requirements.

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Building a strong infrastructure

Building a strong infrastructure

Want to know how companies are using IT infrastructure to create a robust environment? This colorful graphic documents the strategic actions you can take.

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