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What to expect from Enterprise2014… your infrastructure will thank you

True competitive advantage lies in the ability to deliver consistently good customer service, and our clients increasingly recognize that this is achieved through data-driven decision making and improving collaboration across their value chain.


Are cloud, analytics, mobile computing and social everything?

With IBM’s (and quite frankly the entire IT industry’s) focus on addressing key areas of client interest such as cloud, analytics and mobile computing solutions, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there are still a vast number of IT shops requiring a rock solid, multi-faceted, enterprise platform solution for their general purpose computing requirements.


A new model for hardware innovation

CIOs have depended on Moore’s Law as a way to project their IT budgets. Essentially they’ve relied on twice the compute for the same dollar year after year. This became ever more important in the economic downturn over five years ago since IT budgets were one of the first hit.

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