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Thirteen things to know about the new IBM mainframe, the z13

The new, radically redesigned IBM mainframe, the z13, culminates a five-year project and an investment that tops $1 billion. The new mainframe has been designed from the ground up to help companies and governments address the mega trends around mobile, analytics and cloud. Here are 13 important things to know about the z13.


IBM z Systems mainframe and right-time insights: The tale beyond the tape

Today, the IT world is abuzz with the introduction of the next generation of the mainframe, IBM z Systems. The new flagship of the mainframe world, the IBM z13, comes with a pretty impressive stat sheet, but can this new box improve your ability to capture new opportunities at the point of impact? You betcha!


Innovative storage for cutting-edge mainframe: IBM DS8870 and z Systems

There are moments that have the potential to change the course of the IT industry, and we are facing a moment like that right now. Designed, developed and tested together, IBM DS8870 and z Systems’ unparalleled synergy offers extraordinary value, enabling you to accelerate business insights, make business continuity a reality and get the highest levels of security.

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