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6 things no IT manager wants to hear

Let’s face it. Dealing with your nontechnical colleagues can be challenging—especially when there are increasing demands on your current infrastructure systems. That’s why we’ve put together some of the worst things any IT manager could possibly hear and described how you can avoid ever hearing them again.

Power Systems

More Power for big data: SAP begins testing HANA on Power Systems

SAP formally announced a test and evaluation program for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. Starting today, nominations are being accepted for the program which is available to IBM and SAP clients seeking to test and evaluate SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with the latest POWER8 and POWER7+ processor-based technology.


IBM Storage continues to keep its Edge

The excitement and buzz continues for IBM Storage, and when it comes to conveying our value, no one tells the story better than our customers. At IBM Edge2014 a few weeks ago, our customers did just that.

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