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It’s time to seize the moment. Capture the value of data!

IBM Insight2014 started yesterday, and we are having a great time here at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! More than 13,000 industry leaders from around the world are here to learn how to seize the moment by sharing stories and expertise in big data and analytics.


The Power Systems Academic Initiative Challenge: Innov8 with POWER8

In 2012, IBM relaunched the Power Systems Academic Initiative to engage with universities worldwide. Now reaching 300 university participants, the initiative helps train the next generation of IT innovators on the skills and capabilities of Power Systems while driving fresh thinking and value propositions focused around big data and cloud.


Smarter infrastructure: Investing for the future

In a previous blog post, I discussed how I explained Smarter Infrastructure to my daughter and her friends because they wondered what I did for a living after seeing me working in my home office. I’d now like to take that explanation a step further and discuss smarter infrastructure using an analogy from the physical world.

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