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Top four most common big data analytics pain points

Today’s data comes in many different forms and from many different sources. More importantly, unless it’s available and accessible to those who need it and unless you can quickly gain insights, big data analytics isn’t very useful. Do these sound like your challenges?


New research: IT infrastructure requires more than leading technology

The results are in, again! On the heels of “The IT infrastructure conversation” study launched in July, I’m delighted to announce our final study in a two-part series from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), “Continuing the IT infrastructure conversation: Why building a strong foundation requires more than technology.”


3 key IT infrastructure requirements for big data and analytics

Data has the power to transform business decisions, enhance customer relationships and create new opportunities, but only if you can trust it and make sense of it in a timely fashion. To produce the insights that matter, you need an infrastructure designed for speed, access and availability.

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