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Smarter Computing: What´s Next for IT? Video Debate Series

What’s Next for IT? Video Debate Series: Hybrid cloud Q&A

March’s “What’s Next for IT?” video debate around dynamic hybrid cloud was loaded with lively discussions and insights. An especially exciting aspect of this debate is this time we asked you for your hybrid cloud questions. Not only did you ask, but our panelists answered.

Power Cloud

SoftLayer integrates IBM Power Systems into its cloud infrastructure

Today IBM announced that SoftLayer will integrate IBM Power Systems into its cloud infrastructure. Infrastructure matters, and we are setting a new standard.


Redefining the future with the IBM mainframe

It’s part of IBM’s DNA to constantly invest in the mainframe and strengthen its legendary ability to reliably and securely handle huge volumes of transactions. Yet again spotlighting the strategic role that the mainframe continues to play in today’s changing market, today we’re announcing four new offerings.

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