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Build secure, scalable cloud servers and storage systems to enable new business strategies for growth

The conversation around cloud computing has shifted. No longer just a delivery system for IT services, cloud is increasingly seen as a growth engine for business. When you choose IBM cloud servers and storage solutions for your private and hybrid clouds, you are building an infrastructure that delivers on the promise of cloud.

IBM's industry-leading cloud solutions enable organisations to:

Thousands of clients around the world rely on IBM to provide the foundation for a dynamic cloud strategy so they can reinvent customer relationships, speed new product delivery and enhance collaboration among customers, employees and partners.

Steps to Cloud Expertise Series

Steps to Cloud Expertise Series

Bring collaboration, simplicity and security to your business

With the IBM Steps to Cloud Expertise series, you can build, manage and secure a hybrid cloud solution.

Through five eBook lessons, you’ll learn about creating a cloud roadmap, leading the cloud conversation, customising your environment, top tips for managing a hybrid cloud, and guarding your data.

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Gain competitive advantage with IBM cloud servers and solutions

Drive efficiency

Increase productivity and cut expenses

Improve speed

Automate to increase dexterity

Deliver agility

Establish IT without boundaries

Streamline, simplify and reduce costs by building a more efficient cloud infrastructure

Clouds built on efficient infrastructures improve productivity while helping reduce administrative and capital costs. Many successful organisations start by consolidating and virtualising their infrastructure – servers, storage and networking. Streamlining the infrastructure helps improve utilisation and performance for more efficient cloud delivery.

IBM understands your business has unique needs. We provide cloud infrastructure solutions for multi-vendor environments with a choice of platforms best suited to run demanding workloads. We offer UNIX, x86 or mainframe systems – all with proven virtualisation capabilities.

What clients can expect from IBM Cloud infrastructure:

IBM cloud servers provide 20x boost in processing
Faster processing
ability with IBM
Cloud servers

*Based on results of multiple client engagements

Deploy advanced cloud functionality, including full lifecycle management, automated provisioning, metering and more

Advanced cloud infrastructure solutions break down traditional IT silos and simplify information access to increase productivity and speed innovation. Through a seamless orchestration of a multi-vendor environment of servers, storage and networks, organisations can bring diverse resources under a single point of management control.

This helps achieve service levels and improves the availability and security of the service. When different groups access computing resources simultaneously, your cloud infrastructure prioritises resources and automatically makes decisions. So when multiple business demands compete for data and network bandwidth, business services can be delivered rapidly.

What clients can expect from IBM Cloud infrastructure:

Reduced IT labour
costs with IBM
Cloud infrastructure

*Based on results of multiple client engagements

Increase productivity and get to market faster with affordable, easy-to-deploy entry cloud solutions

The routine tasks your IT department handles don't always improve the bottom line, and in fact, can cripple productivity. But with automated cloud server technology, you can reduce application development cycles – and deliver the agility and innovation your organisation needs.

Simplifying administration with self-service provisioning and automated IT service deployment frees IT from manual tasks. IT can now concentrate on projects that enhance business value.

IBM offers entry cloud solutions that are easy to deploy and use. Working with your existing infrastructure, our solutions help automate and efficiently manage virtualised systems and storage infrastructures. The best news: you can implement new applications or systems in minutes rather than weeks.

What clients can expect from IBM Cloud infrastructure:

Reduced total cost
of ownership
with IBM Cloud

*Based on results of multiple client engagements

Watch. Read. Learn more about IBM and cloud.

Hybrid cloud hosts tunes

Music Mastermind used IBM SoftLayer cloud services to offer real-time music creation.

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Read the success story (230KB)

Cloud enables smarter business

Cloud is helping organisations run smarter, speed time to market and drive business innovation.

Moving to a private cloud? Infrastructure really matters!

Clipper Group paper outlines the importance of the IT infrastructure for private cloud environments.

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Cloud ready organisations

Over 19 million tennis fans enjoyed a better web experience when the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) deployed IBM cloud server technologies.

Gavrilović improves cloud with IBM

Gavrilović trims costs and boosts performance of its private cloud with IBM XIV.

From mainstream to revenue stream

Rethink cloud infrastructure to profit from social, mobile and analytics capabilities.

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Stay nimble to adapt to customers' needs

Dynamic markets demand agility — and the power of an IBM SmartCloud infrastructure.

Marist College explores using cloud technology

Marist uses cloud technology to explore new business capabilities.

What does it mean to be cloud ready?

Meet increasing business demands for rapid change with cloud-ready IT infrastructure.

Cloud conversations led by IBMers

Cloud conversations led by IBMers

An ongoing conversation that provides a forum for discussion and debate on various IT cloud computing topics.

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IBM and USTA: A game-changing partnership

IBM and the USTA have collaborated on data-driven digital and on-site tools to give U.S. Open tennis fans a new way to experience the game.

IBM SmartCloud

Cloud conversations led by IBMers

Explore our cloud infrastructure solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Embark on interactive exploration of cloud journey

CloudQuest game image

Take a cloud computing journey to learn more, and uncover better business value.

Play CloudQuest

Acquire cloud solutions to power growth with affordable financing

Acquire cloud solutions to power growth with affordable financing

Building a private, hybrid or public cloud solution? IBM Global Financing offers flexible funding options to help you speed deployment or move workloads to cloud services.

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Staging deployment of private clouds

Read how technologies built on a common architecture provide a smooth upgrade path to private clouds.

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The right infrastructure at the right time

Cloud whitepaper

For applications, data processing and storage, it’s no longer public versus private cloud, but a hybrid cloud that meets shifting workloads and changing needs.

Read the IBM System and Storage paper

IDC: Best Practices for Cloud Computing Adoption

IDC research recommends a best-practices approach to cloud that can help IT organisations overcome deployment challenges.

Read the IDC white paper to get on the right path

PureSystems and the power of cloud

IT infrastructure matters when it comes to innovation, as DynaFront discovered when it used IBM PureSystems for cloud.

Watch the video (00:01:02)
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Agilisys revolutionises service delivery

IBM system helps Agilisys consolidate clients’ existing systems and implement private clouds for new requirements. Read the case study

Read the case study (622KB)

Innovate within your business for less

IBM SmartCloud enables your business to reallocate resources - and reclaim a focus on innovation.

Connect to the global ecosystem to grow

Cloud infrastructure enables your business, employees and customers to securely share key assets and maximise collaboration.

Bari fishing industry's cloud solutions built on zEnterprise

The University of Bari partnered with IBM to implement a cloud infrastructure solution to help local fishermen better manage inventory and reduce costs.

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Cloud business advantage calculator

Use the cloud business advantage calculator to see how an IBM private cloud can increase efficiency and accelerate IT services delivery.

Calculate your cloud advantage now

Alphinat deploys IBM open virtual appliance

Alphinat shares how IBM’s open virtual appliance helps rapidly scale out into cloud environments.

Workload simulator

Workload simulator

Save money by evaluating your IT workload with our simulator.

Evaluate your workload now. (US)

Cloud ready on z Systems

Large insurance company speeds private cloud deployment, saves $15 million and boosts efficiency with IBM z Systems.

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All clouds are not created equal

Private, public or hybrid cloud? A logical approach to cloud adoption matches the workload to the right cloud infrastructure.

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China Telecom dials up competitive pressure with Power Systems

With cloud technologies, traditional telecom operator transforms into information service provider.

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Entry cloud solutions

Boost productivity and speed time to market with affordable, easy-to-deploy entry cloud infrastructure solutions.

View the solution brief (1.09MB)

Cloud financing with IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing spurs the economic value of IT cloud computing.

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Optimise your infrastructure

Optimise your infrastructure

Learn how IBM Global Technology Services can help you create an agile cloud infrastructure.

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Adobe virtualises business with IBM Power Systems

Learn how Adobe optimised IT to support an evolving business model.

IBM Cloud Managed Services

Enterprise-class cloud technologies deliver cost-effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

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Improve visibility, control and automation in your cloud infrastructure

Abstract graphic representation of cloud computing

Easily build and scale a private or hybrid cloud platform with integrated cloud service delivery and management solutions.

Learn more about Cloud and Service Delivery Management (US)

Smarter cloud for service providers

Smarter Cloud for service providers

Drive new revenue streams with flexible cloud infrastructure capabilities.

View solution brief (690KB)

Exec perspectives on cloud

Executives discuss how IBM's approach to cloud provides IT infrastructure that is ready for innovation.

The power of cloud

90% of businesses are expected to adopt or deploy a cloud model in the next 3 years.

Driving business model innovation

Businesses using IBM SmartCloud can innovate without boundaries to deliver immediate customer value with cloud technologies.