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Transform business with a big data and analytics infrastructure for new levels of insight

Instantaneous transactions. The Internet of Things. Video images. Social interactions. The traditional infrastructure was never designed to handle big data workloads like these – much less turn information into insight for decision making, predictive analysis or real-time reporting. You could end up with performance, quality or security issues that impact the business.

To grow customer engagement, optimise operations and spark innovation, you need to improve the access to and availability of your enterprise data. IBM offers technologies to help you scale, speed and store big data and analytics applications in the right infrastructure.

Analytics at the speed of business

Delivering analytics at the speed of business

Act on insights in real time

To stay competitive, you need an open infrastructure built for speed and able to manage big data. See how Linux on IBM Power Systems with Platform Symphony can help.

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Design an IBM big data solution that helps:

Optimise access

Access trustworthy information

Speed decisions

Build intelligence into transactions

Maximise availability

Insights when you need them

Enable shared, security-rich access to data

Your organisation needs trustworthy access to all relevant information no matter what it is or where it resides. IBM solutions include:

Why access matters for big data and analytics  

Access matters

Access matters.

Data comes from different sources and in various formats – but it’s only useful if you can get it.

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Access matters

Access matters.

You need the right IT infrastructure to access information in context and derive insights.

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Access matters

Access matters.

For optimal access, your IT infrastructure needs to have fast and efficient data storage.

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Access matters

Access matters.

IT infrastructure needs to be scalable, and use data tiering and compression for best access.

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Fast analytics for different workloads

Optimise your decisions in real time by building intelligence into operational transactions. IBM solutions include:

Why speed matters for big data and analytics  

Speed matters

Speed matters.

Even the most advanced analytics doesn’t do any good if it takes forever to get insights.

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Speed matters

Speed matters.

For optimal speed, your infrastructure must have low latency capabilities.

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Speed matters

Speed matters.

Advanced analytics that are closer to the systems of record can deliver faster insights.

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Speed matters

Speed matters.

The ability to scale up, in and out rapidly for optimal speed is enabled by storage.

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Maximising right-time availability of information

To address more users, enable concurrency and meet changing demands, you need a responsive, resilient IT infrastructure that scales in, out and up. IBM solutions include:

Why availability matters for big data and analytics  

Availability matters

Availability matters.

Big data is useful only if insights are available to the people and processes that require them.

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Availability matters

Availability matters.

Big data and analytics empower employees if insight is available where they need it.

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Availability matters

Availability matters.

The right IT infrastructure helps you analyse data real time to make smarter decisions.

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Availability matters

Availability matters.

You need the right IT infrastructure to consistently deliver optimal availability.

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Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Dummies

This friendly, informative book can help you get smart about big data and analytics – and choosing the right IT infrastructure to support it.

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An executive guide to advanced analytics infrastructure

Business depends on timely analytics and a robust IT infrastructure to drive strategic and operational decisions.

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Analytics: The speed advantage

Why are data-driven organisations winning in today’s marketplace? They acquire, manage, analyse and act quickly on data insights.

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A conversation with IBM's Dan Pelino

IBM industry executive discusses the future of healthcare systems.

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IBM big data hub

Find a range of resouces, from videos to events, around big data and IBM solutions.

Grow your knowledge of big data

Unlevel the insurance playing field with intelligent infrastructures

Insurance providers are using IBM Smarter Analytics to enhance decisions, control costs and be more customer-centric. Frost & Sullivan discuss how infrastructure can drive insight.

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Big Data and Enterprise Storage: Ovum and IBM

In this white paper for IBM, analyst Ovum discusses the deciding factors in creating a solid big data storage environment, including flexibility and speed to insight.

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Insights from Insight2014

IBM events always trigger interesting conversations. Catch the roving reports from the show floor, and learn more about big data, storage, Power Systems and the Institute for Business Value.

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Global Financing can help you turn big data into insights

Leading organisations are adopting advanced technologies to generate actionable insights from big data. IBM Global Financing can help you invest in the platform you need.

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Meet the IBM PureData System

Systems optimised for transactional and business analytics workloads.

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Doing more with less is the new normal in government

Learn about operational improvements government agencies can leverage.

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Analytics in healthcare: From insights to outcomes

IBM executive report identifies an analytics framework for healthcare transformation.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC: better information access

See how BCBS got to data faster.

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Survey Report: Big data in the energy sector

IBM and PennEnergy Research explored the use of big data in energy industries and its effect on modeling, simulation and analytics.

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Why IT infrastructure matters for big data and analytics

Unleashing the power of big data means building an infrastructure you can trust, to act in real time.

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Is the mainframe a key platform for big data and analytics?

IDC report highlights how a cloud-ready mainframe has built-in characteristics needed to deploy a big data and analytics environment.

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NCSU uses PowerLinux platform to manage big data

NC State students learn to use the right technology that turns big data and analytics into big knowledge.

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Informatics transforms a healthcare alliance

Premier integrates data, improves operations and delivers better patient outcomes.

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New ways to store, manage and secure big data

Design an IT analytics infrastructure to add flexibility and data efficiency.

Explore how big data architecture can help

Sprint improves network

Wireless carrier Sprint uses IBM big data and analytics to put real-time intelligence into the network, increasing capacity by 90 percent.

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