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Cabbage Patch Kids, waterbeds and the mainframe: The early 1980s

If you were conscious in the early 1980s and lived in the US, you knew about Cabbage Patch kids—it didn’t matter if you had children or not. Mainframes existed in the early 80’s too. In fact, they had already been around for two decades. But unlike the fads of the day, they are not only still around; they’re thriving and serving up more data and transactions than ever before.

How might parallel tracks intersect in a smart infrastructure?

How can the rules of geometry apply to IT infrastructures and storage? As explained here, it's all about parallel lines.

IBM unveils technology breakthroughs for x86, flash and more

Simply put, IT infrastructure matters because business outcomes matter. Today, at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), IBM unveiled several exciting, breakthrough technologies for x86 with Intel Xeon® processors, flash technologies and more.

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