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Transform business with a big data and analytics infrastructure for new levels of insight at the point of impact

With the dramatic growth of social, mobile and machine-based data, many organisations are overwhelmed with the volume of information flooding in. Data has the power to transform business decisions, enhance customer relationships, and create new opportunities – but only if you can trust and make sense of it.

IBM delivers a big data and analytics infrastructure with data mining, data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities. So you can share access more securely, speed decision making in real time, and leverage insight for competitive advantage.

Imagine it. Realize it. Trust it.

Imagine it. Realise it. Trust it.

Design an IBM big data solution that helps:

Tune to data

Align your business around information

Predict outcomes

Anticipate more and predict smarter

Speed decisions

Deliver insights at the point of impact


Enable shared, security rich access to data

Your organisation needs visibility to all relevant information no matter what it is or where it resides. When your infrastructure aligns with big data goals, decision makers can collaborate to solve problems and grow opportunities.

IBM offers a range of big data and analytics solutions that easily scale to provide secure, shared access. For example:

  • IBM PureData System (US) for Hadoop securely addresses the rapid growth of unstructured data with tools for consolidation and integration

Featured case studies and solutions  

Reto Estermann. Director, Information Technology Swiss Re

IBM helps Swiss Re transform workload management and global system access.

Global insurance provider speeds report generation by 70 percent with IBM analytics solution.

SSGC mitigates business risk through better insight into supply and demand

Natural gas provider reconciles operational data with more than 5,000 paper maps using IBM systems.

Ricoh Americas Corp improves efficiency

Ricoh implements storage virtualisation for seamless migration and more efficient management.

Gain new levels of understanding

To stay ahead of the unexpected, you need to build analytics intelligence into operational transactions. With these insights, you can obtain new levels of customer intimacy, differentiate your business and optimize real business outcomes.

IBM can help you model trends and simulate scenarios, predict potential threats and opportunities, and monitor your business performance. We offer:

Featured case studies and solutions  

Enterprise 2013. Cloud. Data. Security.

Royal Caribbean partners with IBM Storage to customize guest experiences

Big data demands big performance. IBM provides flash storage solutions to world's second-largest cruise line.

Fiserv helps banks improve business outcomes with IBM technology

Working with IBM, financial technology services company turns billions of transactions into actionable insights for banks

EDEKA Südwest gains flexibility and improves SAP application performance

Retailer deploys virtualized IBM servers, systems and software to deliver fast, accurate and timely information.


Analytics moves from the back-office to the front-office

Acting swiftly to make critical decisions requires an IT infrastructure that is resilient, responsive to changing demands, and able to deliver real-time insights.

IBM can help you choose a big data infrastructure that maximises the availability of information so you can quickly identify opportunities and act with confidence. Solutions include:

Featured case studies and solutions  

Miami-Dade County builds a highly scalable private cloud analytics platform

Florida county opens up government with a large-scale web analytics platform running on IBM System z

80-90% unstructured

Putting Watson to work in health care with IBM Power Systems

IBM Watson and WellPoint, Inc are working to transform the quality and speed of health care delivered to patients.

Vestas: Turning climate into capital with big data

Energy company increases computational power, shrinks IT footprint to deliver faster weather insights

Watch. Read. Learn more about IBM and big data analytics.

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Why IT infrastructure matters
for big data and analytics

Why IT infrastructure matters for big data and analytics
Unleashing the power of big data means building
an infrastructure you can trust, to act in real time.

Watch the video (00:01:45)

View the presentation

The real-world use of big data

The real-world use of big data
Learn about big data and the implications for your infrastructure

Watch the webcast

The foundation for successful business analytics

Create a real competitive advantage with access to information and business analytics.

View the analyst paper

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC: better information access

See how BCBS got to data faster.

Portfolio approach to big data systems

IBM's big data analytics platforms offer IT new, real-time tools for managing volumes of data.

Explore more in technology insight paper

The power of big data

The power of big data
Companies are gathering big data and asking smarter questions about what customers want

Read about big data online

Retail gets smart

Retail gets smart
Retailers are managing more data and analytics than ever before.

Explore more about retail analytics

Business intelligence delivered 40% faster

Business intelligence delivered 40% faster
Businesses using analytics outperform peers by as much as 2.2 times.

Learn more about business data online (US)

Business analytics buying criteria

Learn what Clabby Analytics believes drives the successful business analytics.

Read about big data online

Smarter Commerce conversations

Listen in on the conversation.

UPMC: Information enables smart nursing

UPMC: Information enables smart nursing
Leading hospital uses SmartRoom technology to deliver critical data at patient bedsides.

See UPMC in action (US)

Dillard's: Business intelligence approach

Dillard's: Business intelligence approach
Dillard's sees benefits in a smarter approach to dealing with data and analytics.

Read online about retailer's success

IBM big data hub

Find a range of resouces, from videos to events, around big data and IBM solutions.

Grow your knowledge of big data

Enterprise systems from IBM

Tune in to IBM interview.

Big data success stories

A sample of client success stories.

Read about our success with big data (11.6MB)

Big Data at Banca Carige

Leading Italian bank needs real-time analytics to support corporate and branch business, reduce risk and meet regulatory standards.

Meet the IBM PureData System

Meet the IBM PureData System
Systems optimised for transactional and business analytics workloads.

Get to know our systems better

Turn big data into action

Turn big data into action
IBM business analytics capabilities enable enterprises to turn big data into deep insight

Learn more in online magazine

Informatics transforms a health care alliance

Informatics transforms a health care alliance
Premier integrates data, improves operations and delivers better patient outcomes.

Experience interactive case study (US)

SunTrust: Data governance solution

See how SunTrust controlled data.

New ways to store, manage and secure big data

New ways to store, manage and secure big data
Design an IT analytics infrastructure to add flexibility and data efficiency.

Explore how big data architecture can help (US)

University manages big data on the cloud

North Carolina State University uses the PowerLinux platform to develop a smarter computing environment.

Sprint uses Smarter Computing to improve network

Wireless carrier Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, increasing capacity by 90 percent.

Betting on big data

Tune in as IBM experts discuss big data architecture, address its challenges and business benefits, and provide tips to help you manage your information.

A conversation with IBM's Dan Pelino

IBM industry executive discusses the future of health care systems.

Competitive advantage with analytics in banking

Webcast, featuring Forrester's Brian Hopkins, reviews how banking is leveraging analytics.

View the webcast

Enabling faster insight

The growing volume of data helps companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

Unlock the power of operational data

Learn how IBM Enterprise Systems provide the analytics infrastructure for big data insights.

The importance of infrastructure for insight

The importance of infrastructure for insight
Government organisations are using analytics to better manage data across departments.

Read the analyst report (9.9MB)

Doing more with less is the new normal in government

Learn about operational improvements government agencies can leverage.

Read the paper (604KB)

Analytics in health care: From insights to outcomes

IBM executive report identifies an analytics framework for health care transformation.

Read the report (US)

The quest for customer connection

How retailers can forge closer ties to the customer and leverage the power of analytics.

Read the white paper (596KB)

Smarter Computing: Data security

Smarter Computing: Data security
68% Increase: Cost of lost data from 2012 to 2016

Real-Time Analytics: Big Data. Real Answers. Big Impact

IBM and Clabby Analytics webinar on meeting the challenges of big data without re-designing your infrastructure.

Join the webinar