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Server Applications and Middleware

How to use these charts

On the following pages a "bluecheck" means the operating system has been tested with that particular system, will run on that system, and is considered "ServerProven" which is an IBM supported environment.

The specific update or service pack initially tested may be seen by clicking on the "bluecheck".

Updates or service packs equal to or higher within the same OS release family of the operating system are also supported. However, support for newer releases or versions are not supported unless specifically identified on the following pages with the "bluecheck".

A "bluecheck" does not imply that the operating system will work under all combinations of hardware and software. Please click on the "bluecheck" to view any known configuration limitations. The third party operating system support data provided on these pages is provided as a convenience for informational purposes only.

Note: Technical and defect support information can be in the product documentation that comes with your system. If you require additional support services, please contact IBM or the third party provider. For more information on the IBM support service offerings available for purchase in your country, please click here.

Click . . . here for additional device driver and other info.

Application Compatibility
Manufacturer Part Number Product Description x3850 X6 (3837) x3850 X5/x3950 X5 (7143) x3690 X5 (7147) x3250 M5 (5458) x3750 M4 (8722/8733) x3650 M4 BD (5466) x3650 M4 (7915 E5-xxxxV2) x3650 M4 (7915) x3650 M4 HD 5460 x3630 M4-7158 (E5-xxxxV2) x3630 M4 (7158) x3550 M4 (7914 E5-xxxxV2) x3550 M4 (7914) x3530 M4-7160(E5-xxxxV2) x3530 M4 (7160) x3500 M4 (7383 E5-xxxxV2) x3500 M4 (7383) x3300 M4 (7382) x3250 M4 (2583) x3100 M4 (2582) x3755M3-7164, Opteron 63xx x3650 M3 (7945) x3630 M3 (7377) x3550 M3 (7944) x3400 M3 (7378,7379)
IBM 46M5379 Avocent DSView 3 Hub (100 Devices) 46M5379 with x38-3950X6-3837 46M5379 with x38-3950X5-7143 46M5379 with x3250 M5-5458 46M5379 with X3750M4-8722/8733 46M5379 with x3650 M4-7915 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5379 with x3650 M4-7915 46M5379 with x3650 M4-5460 46M5379 with x3630 M4-7158 46M5379 with x3550 M4-7914 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5379 with x3550 M4-7914 46M5379 with x3530 M4-7160 46M5379 with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 46M5379 with x3500 M4-7383 46M5379 with x3250 M4-2583 46M5379 with x3650 M3-7945 46M5379 with x3630 M3-7377
IBM 46M5380 Avocent DSView 3 Standard Pack (500 Devices) 46M5380 with x38-3950X6-3837 46M5380 with x38-3950X5-7143 46M5380 with x3250 M5-5458 46M5380 with X3750M4-8722/8733 46M5380 with x3650 M4-7915 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5380 with x3650 M4-7915 46M5380 with x3650 M4-5460 46M5380 with x3630 M4-7158 46M5380 with x3550 M4-7914 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5380 with x3550 M4-7914 46M5380 with x3530 M4-7160 46M5380 with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 46M5380 with x3500 M4-7383 46M5380 with x3250 M4-2583 46M5380 with x3650 M3-7945 46M5380 with x3630 M3-7377
IBM 46M5381 Avocent DSView 3 Plus Pack (2000 Devices) 46M5381 with x38-3950X6-3837 46M5381 with x38-3950X5-7143 46M5381 with x3250 M5-5458 46M5381 with X3750M4-8722/8733 46M5381 with x3650 M4-7915 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5381 with x3650 M4-7915 46M5381 with x3650 M4-5460 46M5381 with x3630 M4-7158 46M5381 with x3550 M4-7914 (E5-xxxxV2) 46M5381 with x3550 M4-7914 46M5381 with x3530 M4-7160 46M5381 with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 46M5381 with x3500 M4-7383 46M5381 with x3250 M4-2583 46M5381 with x3650 M3-7945 46M5381 with x3630 M3-7377
IBM 5724-Q99 Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment 7.1.x - Server 5724-Q99 with x38-3950X6-3837 5724-Q99 with x38-3950X5-7143 5724-Q99 with x3690X5-7147 5724-Q99 with X3750M4-8722/8733 5724-Q99 with x3650 M4-7915 5724-Q99 with x3630 M4-7158 5724-Q99 with x3550 M4-7914 5724-Q99 with x3530 M4-7160 5724-Q99 with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 5724-Q99 with x3500 M4-7383 5724-Q99 with x3300 M4-7382 5724-Q99 with x3250 M4-2583 5724-Q99 with x3100 M4-2582 5724-Q99 with x3650 M3-7945 5724-Q99 with x3630 M3-7377 5724-Q99 with x3550 M3-7944 5724-Q99 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM DSA3.x IBM Dynamic System Analysis Version 3.x DSA3.x with x38-3950X5-7143 DSA3.x with x3690X5-7147 DSA3.x with x3650 M4-7915 (E5-xxxxV2) DSA3.x with x3650 M4-7915 DSA3.x with x3550 M4-7914 (E5-xxxxV2) DSA3.x with x3550 M4-7914 DSA3.x with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 DSA3.x with x3500 M4-7383
IBM DSA9.x IBM Dynamic System Analysis Version 9.x DSA9.x with X3750M4-8722/8733 DSA9.x with x3630 M4-5466 DSA9.x with x3630 M4-7158 (E5-xxxxV2) DSA9.x with x3630 M4-7158 DSA9.x with x3530 M4-7160 (E5-xxxxV2) DSA9.x with x3530 M4-7160 DSA9.x with x3755M3-7164, Opteron 63xx
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.1.2 IBM Systems Director Version 6.1.2 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.1.2 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.1.2 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.1.2 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.2 IBM Systems Director Version 6.2 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.2 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.2 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.2 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.2 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 IBM Systems Director Version 6.2.1 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x38-3950X5-7143 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3690X5-7147 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3650 M4-7915 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3500 M4-7383 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3250 M4-2583 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3100 M4-2582 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.2.1 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.3 IBM Systems Director Version 6.3 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x38-3950X6-3837 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x38-3950X5-7143 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3690X5-7147 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3650 M4-7915 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3550 M4-7914 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3500 M4-7383 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3250 M4-2583 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3100 M4-2582 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.3 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 IBM Systems Director Version 6.3.1 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x38-3950X5-7143 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3690X5-7147 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with X3750M4-8722/8733 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3650 M4-7915 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3630 M4-7158 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3550 M4-7914 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3530 M4-7160 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3500 M4-7383 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3250 M4-2583 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3100 M4-2582 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.3.1 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 IBM Systems Director Version 6.3.2 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x38-3950X6-3837 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x38-3950X5-7143 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3690X5-7147 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with X3750M4-8722/8733 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3650 M4-7915 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3630 M4-7158 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3550 M4-7914 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3530 M4-7160 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3500 M4-7383 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3300 M4-7382 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3250 M4-2583 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3100 M4-2582 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.3.2 with x3400 M3-7378,7379
IBM IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 IBM Systems Director Version 6.3.3 and newer IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x38-3950X5-7143 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3690X5-7147 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with X3750M4-8722/8733 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3630 M4-5466 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3650 M4-7915 (E5-xxxxV2) IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3650 M4-7915 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3630 M4-7158 (E5-xxxxV2) IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3630 M4-7158 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3550 M4-7914 (E5-xxxxV2) IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3550 M4-7914 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3530 M4-7160 (E5-xxxxV2) IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3530 M4-7160 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3500 M4-7383, E5-xxxxV2 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3500 M4-7383 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3300 M4-7382 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3250 M4-2583 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3100 M4-2582 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3650 M3-7945 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3630 M3-7377 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3550 M3-7944 IBM-Dir-v6.3.3 with x3400 M3-7378,7379

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