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Ringdale is the leading global supplier of Madge ® Token Ring networking product solutions for client-server applications. The networking products range from desktop connections through LAN and WAN switches and enterprise management software. Other Ringdale product lines include innovative secure document output management solutions for cost control and recovery and networked and PC-based access control systems using technologically advanced identification methods. Ringdale, part of the Network Technology PLC Group, is based in Texas and maintains offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Client-Server Products for the Desktop

The Madge Token Ring networking products provide flexible, high performance and easy-to-use solutions that are compatible with all popular client and server operating systems and PC environments. Madge intelligent adapters are the ideal choice for companies seeking a single source Token Ring solution from a networking expert.


For client applications, the Madge Token Ring products improve network access speeds and reduce the support overhead and complexity of managing its customers' increasing number of networked desktops. Easy-to-use menu-based software can create a standard set-up for any networked PC, regardless of PC bus type.

For servers, the Madge Token Ring products optimize performance and application response times for a broad range of PC server platforms. Where additional fault tolerance or load balancing is required, Ringdale can provide fully scalable solutions that include full duplex and multi-processor support as well as its unique adapter mirroring capability.

Customer Benefits of ServerProven® Program

This program allows Ringdale to submit its line of Madge network server adapter products to IBM for forward and backward compatibility testing on new and pre-released IBM Servers. This helps to ensure the robustness and compatibility of combined Ringdale / IBM server configurations. Customers will welcome the announcement of the ServerProven program as it provides them with additional assurance and confidence that the Madge products have been thoroughly tested in a representative set of environments and provide the ideal building block for their server connectivity needs.

Customers who use Madge server adapters will benefit from an added level of interoperability testing for new products from IBM, thereby decreasing possible downtime and increasing efficiency. To achieve these ends, both IBM and Ringdale have aligned their R&D teams, and have dedicated marketing and service staff to identify and address interoperability issues. In conjunction with its new line of PC Server solutions, IBM has selected the full range of Madge server adapter cards from Ringdale to undergo extensive pre-market testing for compliance with IBM's new PC Server line. The program includes the family of Madge Token Ring server adapters for EISA, PCI, MC and AT architectures. The partnership provides forward and backward compatibility for future adapter products, and is expected to support ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) in the future. For additional information visit

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