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DataCom Systems

Advanced Server-Based Security and Surveillance

DataCom Systems provides networking and data communications solutions for a wide variety of government and corporate entities. At Datacom, we specialize in the storage, transmission and retrieval of data with an emphasis on receiving and recording encrypted video feeds.

DataCom utilizes IBM BladeCenter and System x servers to design Network Video Server (NVS) systems that are the integral component of an advanced security and surveillance network. Network Video Servers represent the next generation beyond analog VCRs and proprietary Digital Video Recorders.

DataCom Systems' NVS has advanced networking features that allow the end-user to monitor and record surveillance video from any point on the network or at any remote location outside the network.

DataCom Systems' cross-server technology provides redundance for mission-critical video and added stability that is presently not available in the industry. DataCom products range from entry-level models to full rack-mount and enterprise level security and surveillance networks. For additional information visit www.datacomvideo.com.

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