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IBM BladeCenter PCI Express Gen 2 Expansion Blade II (68Y7484) Compatibility

IBM ServerProven® Program Participants

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Storage Controllers
LAN Adapters
Storage Devices
Storage Devices
Product Type Part Number Product Description
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SSD Adapter 46C9078 IBM 365GB High IOPS MLC Mono Adapter
SSD Adapter 46C9081 IBM 785GB High IOPS MLC Mono Adapter
SSD Adapter 46M0878 IBM 320GB High IOPS SD Class SSD PCIe Adapter
SSD Adapter 90Y4377 IBM 1.2TB High IOPS MLC Mono Adapter
SSD Adapter 90Y4397 IBM 2.4TB High IOPS MLC Duo Adapter

ServerProven® Program Participants
To view a list of products from IBM ServerProven Program Participants that have passed compatibility testing with IBM System x, BladeCenter® and xSeries® servers, please use the participants logos shown below.

Lenovo makes no representations or warranty regarding third-party products or services, including those designated as ServerProven. Support for these third-party (non-Lenovo) products is provided by non-Lenovo Manufacturers.

DataCom ServerProven Device List

Interphase ServerProven Device List

Ulticom ServerProven Device List

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