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How to use these charts

A "A blue check mark denotes 
the option supports active pci function(s)" means the option supports hotplug feature(s).

Click on the "A blue check mark denotes the option supports active pci function(s)" to display which Active PCI featues are supported with or without any applicable limitations.

IBM High Availability Solutions for Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
x3800/x260 (8865) x455 (8855) x450 (8688) x445 (8870) x370 (8681) x440 (8687) x360 (8686) x350 (8682) x255 (8685) x250 (8665) x240 (8664) x235 (8671)
Part No. Product Description Mfg.
01K7207 Netfinity ServeRAID-3H Ultra2 SCSI Adapter IBM         01K7207 with x370 (8681)     01K7207 with x350 (8682)   01K7207 with x250 (8665) 01K7207 with x240 (8664)  
01K7364 Netfinity ServeRAID-3L Ultra2 SCSI Adapter IBM         01K7364 with x370 (8681)     01K7364 with x350 (8682)   01K7364 with x250 (8665) 01K7364 with x240 (8664)  
06P3601 IBM 10/100 Ethernet Server Adapter IBM         06P3601 with x370 (8681)   06P3601 with x360 (8686) 06P3601 with x350 (8682)     06P3601 with x240 (8664)  
06P3701 IBM Gigabit Ethernet SX Server Adapter IBM         06P3701 with x370 (8681)   06P3701 with x360 (8686) 06P3701 with x350 (8682)   06P3701 with x250 (8665) 06P3701 with x240 (8664)  
06P5736 IBM ServeRAID-4Mx Ultra160 SCSI Controller IBM         06P5736 with x370 (8681)   06P5736 with x360 (8686) 06P5736 with x350 (8682)   06P5736 with x250 (8665) 06P5736 with x240 (8664)  
06P5740 IBM ServeRAID-4Lx Ultra160 SCSI Controller IBM         06P5740 with x370 (8681)   06P5740 with x360 (8686) 06P5740 with x350 (8682)   06P5740 with x250 (8665) 06P5740 with x240 (8664)  
08L3341 Netfinity 10/100 Fault Tolerant Adapter IBM         08L3341 with x370 (8681)     08L3341 with x350 (8682)   08L3341 with x250 (8665) 08L3341 with x240 (8664)  
09N9901 10/100 Fast EtherLink PCI TX Server IBM             09N9901 with x360 (8686)          
19K4401 IBM Netfinity Gigabit Ethernet Adapter IBM         19K4401 with x370 (8681)   19K4401 with x360 (8686) 19K4401 with x350 (8682)   19K4401 with x250 (8665) 19K4401 with x240 (8664)  
22P6801 PRO/1000 XT Server Adapter by Intel IBM             22P6801 with x360 (8686)          
3140 RapidFire Token-Ring 16/4 PCI Adapter Ringdale         3140 with x370 (8681)   3140 with x360 (8686) 3140 with x350 (8682)   3140 with x250 (8665) 3140 with x240 (8664)  
34L0301 Netfinity Gigabit Ethernet SX Adapter IBM         34L0301 with x370 (8681)     34L0301 with x350 (8682)   34L0301 with x250 (8665) 34L0301 with x240 (8664)  
34L0501 High Speed PCI Token-Ring Adapter IBM         34L0501 with x370 (8681)     34L0501 with x350 (8682)   34L0501 with x250 (8665) 34L0501 with x240 (8664)  
34L0601 PCI Token-ring Adapter 2 IBM         34L0601 with x370 (8681)     34L0601 with x350 (8682)   34L0601 with x250 (8665) 34L0601 with x240 (8664)  
34L0701 PCI Token-ring Adapter 2 WOL IBM         34L0701 with x370 (8681)     34L0701 with x350 (8682)   34L0701 with x250 (8665) 34L0701 with x240 (8664)  
34L0901 Netfinity 10/100 Ethernet Adapter IBM               34L0901 with x350 (8682)        
34L1501 Netfinity 10/100 Ethernet Adapter 2 IBM         34L1501 with x370 (8681)     34L1501 with x350 (8682)   34L1501 with x250 (8665) 34L1501 with x240 (8664)  
34L5001 IBM 16/4 Token-Ring PCI Management Adapter IBM             34L5001 with x360 (8686)          
34L5201 IBM High Speed 100/16/4 Token-Ring PCI Management Adapter IBM             34L5201 with x360 (8686)          
3540 High Speed Token-Ring 100/16/4 Adapter Ringdale         3540 with x370 (8681)     3540 with x350 (8682)   3540 with x250 (8665) 3540 with x240 (8664)  
37L6080 IBM ServeRAID-4M Ultra160 SCSI Controller IBM         37L6080 with x370 (8681)   37L6080 with x360 (8686) 37L6080 with x350 (8682)   37L6080 with x250 (8665) 37L6080 with x240 (8664)  
37L6091 IBM ServeRAID-4L Ultra160 SCSI Controller IBM         37L6091 with x370 (8681)   37L6091 with x360 (8686) 37L6091 with x350 (8682)   37L6091 with x250 (8665) 37L6091 with x240 (8664)  
37L6889 IBM ServeRAID-4H Ultra160 SCSI Controller IBM         37L6889 with x370 (8681)   37L6889 with x360 (8686) 37L6889 with x350 (8682)   37L6889 with x250 (8665) 37L6889 with x240 (8664)  
51-07 Smart 100/16/4 PCI-HS Ringnode Ringdale         51-07 with x370 (8681)   51-07 with x360 (8686) 51-07 with x350 (8682)   51-07 with x250 (8665) 51-07 with x240 (8664)  
710012 ACEnic PCI Adapter 1000BASE-SX Fiber(1MB) Alteon         710012 with x370 (8681)   710012 with x360 (8686) 710012 with x350 (8682)   710012 with x250 (8665) 710012 with x240 (8664)  

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IBM makes no representations or warranty regarding third-party products or services, including those designated as ServerProven or ClusterProven. Support for these third-party (non-IBM) products is provided by non-IBM Manufacturers.


  • ServeRAID also supports Hot Swap of a stand-alone adapter. Only one ServeRAID failover pair is supported with IBM Active PCI Services.
  • The 5500-M10 and 5500-M20 systems are supported using the same BIOS, cards and drivers as the 5500 system.

Active PCI Definitions:

  • Hot Add: Adding a new PCI Adapter to an empty slot while the system is running.
  • Hot Swap: Swap faulty PCI adapter with a replacement adapter while the system is running.
  • Hot-Swap with Failover: Swapping faulty PCI adapter in a failover configuration with a replacement adapter while the system is running