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IBM Flex System Adapter / Switch Compatibility

How to use these charts

On the following pages a bluecheck means the following adapter/switch combinations have been tested, and is considered "ServerProven" which is an IBM supported environment.

Note: Technical and defect support information can be in the product documentation that comes with your system. If you require additional support services, please contact IBM or the third party provider. For more information on the IBM support service offerings available for purchase in your country, please click here.

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IBM Flex System Adapter / Switch Compatibility Compatibility
Part Number Product Description 00D5823 00Y3324 49Y4270 49Y4294 69Y1930 69Y1934 88Y6043 88Y6374 90Y3450 90Y9346 90Y9356 94Y5212 94Y5350 94Y5355 95Y3309 95Y3313 00FE327 00FM514 00FM510 00FM518
00AG530 Flex System EN4172 2-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 00AG530 with 00D5823-8721/7893 00AG530 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 00AG530 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 00AG530 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 00AG530 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 00AG530 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 00AG530 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 00AG530 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 00AG530 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 00AG530 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
00JY800 IBM Flex System CN4052 2-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 00JY800 with 00D5823-8721/7893 00JY800 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 00JY800 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 00JY800 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 00JY800 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 00JY800 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 00JY800 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 00JY800 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
00JY804 IBM Flex System CN4052 2-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter SW Upgrade (FoD) 00JY804 with 49Y4270-8721/7893
49Y7900 IBM Flex System EN2024 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter 49Y7900 with 00D5823-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 49Y7900 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
81Y3124 IBM Flex System EN4054 4-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 81Y3124 with 00D5823-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 81Y3124 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
90Y3466 IBM Flex System EN4132 2-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 90Y3466 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 90Y3466 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
90Y3482 IBM Flex System EN6132 2-port 40Gb Ethernet Adapter 90Y3482 with 90Y9346-8721/7893
93Y0538 IBM Flex System EN4132 2-port 10Gb RoCE Adapter 93Y0538 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 93Y0538 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
69Y1938 Flex System FC3172 2-port 8Gb FC Adapter 69Y1938 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 69Y1938 with 69Y1930-8721/7893 69Y1938 with 69Y1934-8721/7893 69Y1938 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 69Y1938 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
69Y1942 Lenovo Flex System FC5172 2-port 16Gb FC Adapter 69Y1942 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 69Y1942 with 69Y1930-8721/7893 69Y1942 with 69Y1934-8721/7893 69Y1942 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 69Y1942 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
88Y6370 IBM Flex System FC5022 2-port 16Gb FC Adapter 88Y6370 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 88Y6370 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 88Y6370 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
95Y2375 IBM Flex System FC3052 2-port 8Gb FC Adapter 95Y2375 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 95Y2375 with 69Y1930-8721/7893 95Y2375 with 69Y1934-8721/7893 95Y2375 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 95Y2375 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
95Y2379 IBM Flex System FC5024D 4-port 16Gb FC Adapter 95Y2379 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 95Y2379 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 95Y2379 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
95Y2386 IBM Flex System FC5052 2-port 16Gb FC Adapter 95Y2386 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 95Y2386 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 95Y2386 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
95Y2391 IBM Flex System FC5054 4-port 16Gb FC Adapter 95Y2391 with 00Y3324-8721/7893 95Y2391 with 88Y6374-8721/7893 95Y2391 with 90Y9356-8721/7893
00Y3306 IBM Flex System CN4054R 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 00Y3306 with 00D5823-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 00Y3306 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
88Y5920 Flex System CN4022 2-port 10Gb Converged Adapter 88Y5920 with 00D5823-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 88Y5920 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
90Y3554 IBM Flex System CN4054 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 90Y3554 with 00D5823-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 90Y9346-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 90Y3554 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
94Y5160 IBM Flex System CN4058S 8-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 94Y5160 with 00D5823-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 49Y4270-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 49Y4294-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 88Y6043-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 95Y3309-8721/7893 94Y5160 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
FCEC24 IBM Flex System CN4058 8-port 10Gb Converged Adapter FCEC24 with 94Y5212-8721/7893 FCEC24 with 94Y5350-8721/7893 FCEC24 with 94Y5355-8721/7893 FCEC24 with 95Y3313-8721/7893
90Y3454 IBM Flex System IB6132 2-port FDR Infiniband Adapter 90Y3454 with 90Y3450-8721/7893
90Y3486 IBM Flex System IB6132D Infiniband Adapter for x222 90Y3486 with 90Y3450-8721/7893
93Y0134 IBM Flex System IB6132 2-port QDR Infiniband Adapter 93Y0134 with 90Y3450-8721/7893

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