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IBM Flex System EN6131 40Gb Ethernet Switch with IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis with Chassis Compatibility

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Cables and SFPs
Cables and SFPs
Product Type Part Number Product Description
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Cable 90Y3470 3m FDR Infiniband Cable
SFP 00D5810 5m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable
SFP 00D5813 7m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ Cable
SFP 49Y7884 IBM QSFP+ SR Transceiver
SFP 49Y7891 3m IBM QSFP+-to-QSFP+ cable
SFP 90Y3519 10m IBM QSFP+ MTP Optical cable
SFP 90Y3521 30m IBM QSFP+ MTP Optical cable
Ethernet I/O Expansion Adapter