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Ethernet I/O Expansion Adapters

How to use these charts

On the following pages a "bluecheck" means the operating system has been tested with that particular system, will run on that system, and is considered "ServerProven" which is an IBM supported environment.

The specific update or service pack initially tested may be seen by clicking on the "bluecheck".

Updates or service packs equal to or higher within the same OS release family of the operating system are also supported. However, support for newer releases or versions are not supported unless specifically identified on the following pages with the "bluecheck".

A "bluecheck" does not imply that the operating system will work under all combinations of hardware and software. Please click on the "bluecheck" to view any known configuration limitations. The third party operating system support data provided on these pages is provided as a convenience for informational purposes only.

Note: Technical and defect support information can be in the product documentation that comes with your system. If you require additional support services, please contact IBM or the third party provider. For more information on the IBM support service offerings available for purchase in your country, please click here.

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Ethernet I/O Expansion Adapters Compatibility
Part Number Product Description x240 Compute Node (7162) x440 Compute Node (7167) x480 x880 X6 (7196) x280/x480/x880 X6 (7903) x220 Compute Node (7906) x222 Compute Node (7916) x440 Compute Node (7917) x240 (8737/7863 E5-xxxxV2) x240 M5 Compute Node (9532)
00AG530 Flex System EN4172 2-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 00AG530 with 7162 00AG530 with 7917, E5-xxxxV2 00AG530 with 7196 00AG530 with 7903         00AG530 with 9532
00JY800 IBM Flex System CN4052 2-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 00JY800 with 7162 00JY800 with 7917, E5-xxxxV2 00JY800 with 7196         00JY800 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 00JY800 with 9532
00JY804 IBM Flex System CN4052 2-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter SW Upgrade (FoD) 00JY804 with 7162 00JY804 with 7917, E5-xxxxV2 00JY804 with 7196         00JY804 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 00JY804 with 9532
00Y3306 IBM Flex System CN4054R 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter   00Y3306 with 7917, E5-xxxxV2 00Y3306 with 7196 00Y3306 with 7903       00Y3306 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 00Y3306 with 9532
49Y7900 IBM Flex System EN2024 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter 49Y7900 with 7162 49Y7900 with 7917, E5-xxxxV2 49Y7900 with 7196 49Y7900 with 7903 49Y7900 with 7906   49Y7900 with 7917 49Y7900 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 49Y7900 with 9532
88Y5920 Flex System CN4022 2-port 10Gb Converged Adapter 88Y5920 with 7162   88Y5920 with 7196 88Y5920 with 7903 88Y5920 with 7906   88Y5920 with 7917 88Y5920 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 88Y5920 with 9532
90Y3466 IBM Flex System EN4132 2-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 90Y3466 with 7162   90Y3466 with 7196 90Y3466 with 7903 90Y3466 with 7906   90Y3466 with 7917 90Y3466 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 90Y3466 with 9532
90Y3482 IBM Flex System EN6132 2-port 40Gb Ethernet Adapter 90Y3482 with 7162   90Y3482 with 7196 90Y3482 with 7903 90Y3482 with 7906   90Y3482 with 7917 90Y3482 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 90Y3482 with 9532
90Y3554 IBM Flex System CN4054 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 90Y3554 with 7162       90Y3554 with 7906   90Y3554 with 7917    
90Y3558 IBM Flex System CN4054 Virtual Fabric Adapter (SW Upgrade) 90Y3558 with 7162     90Y3558 with 7903 90Y3558 with 7906   90Y3558 with 7917 90Y3558 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2 90Y3558 with 9532
90Y9310 IBM Virtual Fabric Advanced Software Upgrade (LOM) 90Y9310 with 7162         90Y9310 with 7916 90Y9310 with 7917 90Y9310 with 8737/7863, E5-xxxxV2  
94Y5160 IBM Flex System CN4058S 8-port 10Gb Virtual Fabric Adapter 94Y5160 with 7162   94Y5160 with 7196           94Y5160 with 9532

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Lenovo makes no representations or warranty regarding third-party products or services, including those designated as ServerProven. Support for these third-party (non-Lenovo) products is provided by non-Lenovo Manufacturers.