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Certain problems like fluid dynamics, crash simulation, seismic processing, image comparison and complex price modeling place extraordinary demands on computing resources. But how can you get the performance you need for these applications without specialized compute clusters?

IBM offers systems and options for all your technical and high performance computing tasks like financial modeling or weather simulations. From GPU expansion blades, to the innovative iDataPlex® system, to IBM Intelligent Cluster™ integrated solutions, you'll get the performance you need while protecting your current investment and lowering your TCO.

IBM BladeCenter GPU Expansion Blade II

The IBM BladeCenter® GPU Expansion Blade II (BGE) provides parallel compute capabilities while maintaining the reliability, flexibility and cost advantages of your BladeCenter system. Built around an NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the BGE can improve performance of targeted applications by up to 150 times. You can even stack up to four BGE blades with a single BladeCenter HS23 blade server, to provide over 2000 gigaflops of double-precision processing power.

IBM iDataPlex dx360 M4

The dx360 M4 features support for the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, 512GB memory and 2 GPUs per node for more compute capacity for your specialty workloads without compromising the exceptional energy efficiency of the iDataPlex system. Add optional slotless QDR/FDR10 InfiniBand or 10Gb Ethernet and the result is a fast, cool, flexible system that offers both extraordinary performance and total cost of ownership.

IBM Intelligent Cluster

Intelligent Cluster solutions are factory-integrated, fully tested and delivered to your door. They simplify and expedite the deployment of HPC clusters, while providing clients the benefit of a single point-of-contact. Our integrated solutions are an outstanding choice for any organization that recognizes the economic advantages of reduced time to deployment but has concerns about the time and technical resources required for the end-to-end implementation.

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IBM Intelligent Cluster with iDataPlex dx360 M4 servers saves $1.2 million annually in energy costs while delivering 50X more computing power.

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