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Flexibility. Performance. Convergence. System x offers new powerful, flexible and affordable systems for an efficient data center

System x brings new flexibility and performance for businesses

Today’s business climate places complex demands on IT. You need performance, but you also need flexibility to address constant change and growing workloads. You need to manage risks and reduce cost while continuing to deliver business results. Ultimately you want to integrate the solutions for these priorities with powerful, flexible affordable systems.

IBM System x offers innovative technology to businesses – large and small – who want the best in high value and reliable IT solutions. Systems, services and integrated IT infrastructures that can build on growth are easy to manage and provide a competitive edge. IBM servers and options are designed to address the needs of your business now – and into the future.

IBM understands the changing business environment. Our business clients have consistently ranked IBM x86 servers first in customer satisfaction based on quality and service for five consecutive quarters1.

What’s new from IBM System x and BladeCenter?

New System x rack and towers

The 2-socket rack and tower server portfolio has new M3 models enhanced with new Intel processors that support memory, storage and network enhancements to improve virtualization capabilities, improve application performance and support flexible business growth.

New BladeCenter offerings

The new HS22 and HS22V blade servers with the next generation Intel® Xeon® 5600 series (Westmere-EP) processors, deliver a 25% performance boost over the previous generation - enabling these efficient workhorse blade servers with six-core performance at the price of yesterday's four-core servers.

The IBM BladeCenter® HX5 Workload Optimized System for Database is designed to speed deployment and enhance performance for your transactional database workloads. Preconfigured and pretested, you can deploy this solution "right out of the box" for faster time to value.

New iDataPlex server

The most demanding applications require extreme computing performance, but your business demands extreme space, power and cooling efficiency. The new iDataPlex dx360 M3 introduces more options to meet these complex challenges. New Intel Xeon 5600 series (Westmere-EP) processors are designed to improve iDataPlex efficiency while accelerating performance in more HPC workloads with additional GPU offerings and increased memory capacity.

Offerings for midsize businesses

As an IT manager of a midsize company, you face increasing demands for more capacity, processing power and scalability to handle increasing amounts of data. At the same time, you are being tasked to do more with less, forcing you to find new ways to simplify deployment and reduce total cost of ownership. Flexible, affordable offerings from System x can help your company grow and meet business demands

1 TBR Customer Satisfaction Study, Nov 2010 (PDF, 1.1MB).

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