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When converging a data center, up-time and application availability is critical. Only IBM® BladeCenter® is designed for no single point of failure with redundant power and I/O connections to the blades and switches, redundant hot-swap power supplies, blowers, and management modules. And by supporting up to 14 blades per BladeCenter H or E chassis compared to the eight to10 from some competitors, IBM BladeCenter enables you with fewer chassis, switches and cables to manage1 1 .

IBM BladeCenter S

The BladeCenter S chassis is designed for an office environment. Running off standard office power and incorporating noise dampening and dust filters, the BladeCenter S can reside deskside in your small office or branch office while providing many of the same enterprise-level capabilities as the rest of the BladeCenter ecosystem.

IBM BladeCenter E

The BladeCenter E is designed for energy efficiency and density to help you manage costs in your datacenter. The 7U high chassis supports up to 31 percent more processors than blade competitors in a standard 42U rack with 14 blades and four switch modules55. And the energy efficient design is capable of using significantly less power than competitive blade chassis.

IBM BladeCenter H

The BladeCenter H chassis is designed to deliver outstanding performance and energy efficiencies the competition can't match.

And with a mainframe-inspired architecture supporting a range of flexible high-speed interconnects and extensive virtualization, the BladeCenter H chassis provides an enterprise foundation on which to deploy your business-critical applications confidently.

IBM BladeCenter HT

With AC and DC power supply options, ruggedized construction and compliance with the rigorous NEBS-3-ETSI standards, the BladeCenter HT chassis is designed to support demanding next-generation, high-performance core telecom network applications.

1 A standard 42U rack enclosure can fit up to 84 IBM blade servers via 6 IBM 7U E chassis supporting 14 blade servers each.
A standard 42U rack enclosure can only fit up to 64 HP blades via 4 of their 10U chassis supporting 16 blade servers each.

3 Power supply efficiency is based upon the September 2010 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report
39Y7414_2980W_SO-188_Report.pdf(PDF, 98.8KB)
(link resides outside of where the IBM BladeCenter H chassis using 2980W power supplies earned a Platinum level rating for energy efficiency and power factor. 80 PLUS is a certification program that promotes highly efficient power supplies (greater than 80% efficiency in the active mode) in technology applications. Cost savings is based on IBM internal test results comparing the legacy 2880W power supply to the newer 2980W power supply.

5 A standard 42U rack enclosure can fit up to 84 IBM blade servers via 6 IBM 7U E chassis supporting 14 blade servers each.
A standard 42U rack enclosure can only fit up to 64 HP blades via 4 of their 10U chassis supporting 16 blade servers each.

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The community speaks

“Selecting the IBM BladeCenter H Chassis considerably increased the density of servers in each of the company's server racks, helping to lower floor space requirements by 50 percent, providing headroom for future expansion. Thanks to the IBM solution, we have decreased cooling and energy consumption by over 40 percent, and achieved important total cost of ownership (TCO) savings,”

- Roberto Felline, Manager of the IT Department, Meltin' Pot

“IBM BladeCenter provides the ideal infrastructure for running a large private cloud. If we find we are running out of total resources, we simply add another blade server – and we have headroom to grow by 36 percent from our current workload."

- Rob Arends, Head of ICT Program Office, ABN AMRO Lease

"With the XIV and BladeCenter solution in place, we are now ideally positioned to implement useful business analytics applications, which will bring crucial efficiencies to some of our planning and scheduling processes. This is what we should now aspire to; and this kind of innovation is certainly what Cnam is about – using IT innovations to assist and enhance business operations."

- Denis Corée, Chief Information Officer, Cnam

“The combination of IBM BladeCenter, XIV and System Storage technologies has given us a compact, efficient, highly integrated platform for running our core business services for both SAP and Citrix-based applications.....This degree of centralization of services makes it absolutely vital to have a reliable, high-performance server infrastructure, which is exactly what the IBM solution has given us.”

- Gaspar Rivera Del Valle, IT "Evolution" Director, AXTEL

“The IBM BladeCenter solution, powered by Intel Xeon processors, delivers the ideal combination of performance and scalability.....We completed a comparison of SAP production throughput, and IBM BladeCenter surpassed our expectations.“

- Lafaete Pereira, Chief Information Officer, Uberlândia Refrescos

“With the IBM BladeCenter HS23, we're looking at two to three times the performance we achieved with the prior-generation HS22.“

- Chris Koopmans, chief operating officer, Bytemobile, Inc.